Universe Gave Me A Vision About The Mark Of The Beast 😳 *MUST WATCH*

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  1. Love you all 💜
    The stars are aligning for you, just give thanks.
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    • I’ve had a few ppl listen to you Ralph but I don’t think they heard you and they don’t hear me much either…. But some do…


    • It’s not hard to imagine that anything is possible, even things that the media rules out as conspiracy theory. They’ve already been talking about using biological methods in order to change populations https://youtu.be/WAyLiFSazgo

    • you are simply taking Gods name and replacing it with the word, “universe”. how could an inanimate object, “the universe” give you a vision? hilarious. & then say that heaven or hell is a mental state 😂. you were right about one thing, hell isn’t for people who do bad things because we all do bad things so how could someone get to heaven? it’s through acceptance of Christ and getting to know him. SLOW MOTION THIS SIDE. lol i’ve just shared the gospel with you, hopefully you accept it and find Christ because right now, you’re so weak that you would actually take the mark instead of die because you’d fear to meet the Holy & just God you’ve been denying for idk how long

  2. The only YouTuber whose content quality and consistency doesn’t change after a million subs

    • Yeah absolutely I love this place. His going on almost 2 Mill now that’s awesome 😎 God bless you!

    • Thank you Ralph much appreciated so much thanx and respect God bless you and all there in. mmm slow motion this Way..mmmm.♥️👽🌎🤣❤️😎👍😁🤓🙏♥️

    • Following him since he had 5000 followers he changed but in something more beautiful 🙂 more confidence more style just like a butterfly

  3. I am a 13 year old who’s dream is to be a speak the truth and wake people up 😊🙌🙌 I am going through a spiritual awakening and I feel welcomed in this community ❤️ much love 💗

  4. They want to merge humans with the matrix, don’t let them deep divers, we got this. 💜

    • 💯 free human …. A gift from the creator ❤️❤️❤️

  5. All you need to know is this:
    All Is Mental
    Everything is Energy
    Love Wins 💜

  6. FOREHEAD… Intentions. Mind control. Thoughts. Consciousness. HAND… Actions. Maybe the actual Mark is your intentions and actions…. The mental /thoughts / conscious state and the actions (hands are often symbolic of actions) that come out of that state of thoughts and consciousness? Maybe its more of a spiritual Mark? Not that I want to run out and get what they are giving… But I really feel compassion for my loved ones that have gotten that “you know what” and I know their heart was in the right place… regardless of whether they are brainwashed by the media or not. They “believe” they are saving lives. They “believe” they are doing something good. They know not what they do… and I will forgive that all day long forever. Forgive them for they know not what they do. I would never wish or want any of these people condemned to any negative place or entrapped in any unfortunate condition. We all have our own perspectives and fears. What matters is what you think… What you feel…. and what you do… with what you believe. Is it based in unconditional LOVE or FEAR (anger / hatred)? I can see the corrupt powers behind this… But they cant. Its just the way it is and we have to accept that. In the end it will all be many HUGE lessons learned for Soul growth… on ALL sides..

  7. This came right on time for me. . Especially with having people around me trying to pressure me into getting the vaccine. You helped me to stand even more on my belief and feelings telling me not to put that in me. Thank you for being you and educating the ones who can actually take in your info and utilize it ❤️✨!!

    • @wim lammens I actually already had COVID last year and I came out on top of it. Just had to rest for like a week and some change. My family just feels like I should. Even the reasons they give make no sense cause even if your vaccinated you can still catch it and pass it on so what help is it. It’s just like the flu shot. I have gotten the flu shot a few times and I still caught the flu and it still hit me hard so I’m all set with what ever agenda they have set for COVID. I just rather not put something in me that barely got tested and it takes a vaccine 2 years to really know how it works in a body so how did this vaccine come out so quickly with barely any test trials like that.

    • Thank you for the love and support, and the positive feed back means a lot and sending love to each and every one of you 💗

  8. When Ralph says “ feels so good to be alive….” Not gonna lie inside makes me appreciate my life even more. Nothing in the world is more important than our freedoms and happiness…GO LIVE We need a raise in vibration on the Earth going live may just push the vibration over the edge🤣🤣🤣

  9. “Everything We Have Ever Been Through In Life Has Prepared Us For THIS MOMENT” One Love💛☝🌞

  10. We are a familiy of Germany travelling south of Italy since three weeks. We have already been inside Restaurants four times with not having the „green Pass“. Uselly it is necessary to show it, but we werent asked. It seems to us that the people here are more willing to be kind to their guests instead of following these stupid rules. But probably we are also co-creater of this ‚out of the matrix‘ reality, where everything is just like we wish to……free and peaceful

    • same I wen to a restaurant just last week with a fren of mine and I’m not fully vaccinated they didn’t even check

  11. We won’t buy or sell, but we can trade. Gotta appreciate the Piscean visions. Thank you, Ralph👍🏽

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