Universal Mind, Einstein, Naïve Realism, Surrender to Mystery, and Timeless Existence

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Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Shiva Meucci
Universal Mind, Einstein, Naïve Realism, Surrender to Mystery, and Timeless Existence

Shiva spent his youth going between a family farm and family machine shop learning both the flow of nature and the precision of mechanical engineering that ignited an obsession with understanding the universe. After spending a decade in software engineering as a physics enthusiast, and as a voracious autodidact spending every free moment pursuing science interest, Shiva began to reach dead ends in material science and thus developed an interest in the motivations behind human understanding of the world. With a constant interest in the development of AI, he then found an opportunity later in life to audit a full neuroscience course through the lense of an experienced engineer.

Shiva is the primary impelling force behind the Neoclassical Revolution in physics. By playing the role of Faraday to numerous "Maxwells" Shiva has worked for nearly 15 years to connect and popularize various disconnected scientists in the world of hydrodynamic analog interpretations of modern physics through common-sense explanations, public education efforts, historical research papers, and toy unified models that identify the common thread of effort over the past century to develop an alternative interpretation structure. This effort has led to a unification of physics with neuroscience and AI to identify a shared interpretation of science and spirituality that even an atheistic engineering perspective can be comfortable with.

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  1. Dear Deepak , I hv learnt a lot from your talks . Thank you.
    Would like to communicate on some important subject. Can I get your email I’d or any other mode, by which I can connect ? Regards

  2. Thanks Deepak, these interviews are absolutely awesome — because of these, all of my experience of existence becomes intellectually understandable in my limited human mind.

  3. Listening 🎧 as I take a walk. I see a guy and a dog playing ball. How real the ball is to them, and how little the illusion of matter matters to the game!

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