Universal Constants Hidden in the Great Pyramid

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Such secrets may have been known to Nikola Tesla who sought to tap into the electromagnetic currents of the earth to bring limitless electrical power to the world.

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  1. Freaking Amazing To Have That Knowledge Back Then, Without Technology Or Today’s Type Of Tech….

    • Their mind was the technology. They used their minds to levitate and build the pyramid from top to bottom. Thoth was the architect.

    • @charnell Bryant .. I’m just going to say it; I don’t know how they expect people back then to know to multiply by 43-whatever; like how does a random person know to multiply by that number?? You know? Like perhaps someone might have though “I’m going to measure the pyramid.” Back then but who would naturally know to multiply but that number

  2. A gift of knowledge. That which is known as Pyramids are 332 upon Terra Forma. These are built of the builder of builders known by many names. Though his true ident is Enkidu Elohem. When man opens his mind, and exits the concept of time, what is may become clear. These temples are built using as known by man as magic science. This day known Alchemy. Man has forgotten they have thy ability to manifest. Man has forgotten his abilities. Seek within thyself. Meditate, know thyself. Seek and know source.

  3. i know some people will be like but yea scale it up random number but is it not odd that that is there to begin with?

  4. He didn’t tell us why we needed to multiply it by 43200. I don’t know so can someone tell me? Thank you

  5. You sort of lost me with the use of 3/60, why use 3/60 when that number is obviously reduced to 1/20?

  6. Here is my proposal. I understand that this may be from “left field” but bare with me. We all understand that the Great Pyramid was finished with white, polished limestone at a precise angle on each face and now a degree of indent on each face, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkj99Nw7Q50 @34:32 from apex to middle base. This would allow the Suns’ reflection to cast out a focused beam every 24 hrs. into space. Very much like a coastal navigation tower/a lighthouse. If I was to colonize another planet, I would need to know how to get there and back is all I’m saying. If I understand this correctly. When light/photons travel through space it is attracted to the suns’ mass which curves the photon path/reflection from the pyramid plus the spacetime curvature needs to be calculated in. If light travels at a constant speed then this beam of light point into outer space. From there I don’t know how it would be received or would that light beam be reflected again…. What say You? We could do this digitally since it’s next to impossible to construct this.

  7. Ok, I have a big curiosity, can those numbers, end up giving exact result with the Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World? I’m not mathematician nor I can try to compare it mathematically… but could someone do? They say the globe can be exactly as the gleason map just molded a way to manipulate our beliefs… any thoughts?

  8. This stuff absolutely fascinates me! I want to time travel just to see how and why they were really built and how they really lived

  9. Where is this 43200 number coming from? He said he would explain but it wasnt included in the video. Seems like a random number to me but im sure im wrong

  10. Lastima que este programa esté en inglés y no halla traducción al español, pero gracias.

  11. Still though, what is in the other 2 pyramids…..are they just there to reflect Orions belt?

  12. Universal constants are also in everything, the hologram is a shattered fragment of itself. Like McKenna said, you can learn hydrolysis from staring into a mud puddle. Pick anything to study and you can find the Patterns. Pay attention to what goes on around you and the Patterns are at work, synchronicity.

  13. that’s were the cross for Christianity came from and we never knew, everything has to do with the planets and the Earth, that’s what Religion is all about

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