Understanding & Coping With Nihilism

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What is nihilism? A deep explanation of what nihilism gets right, what it gets wrong, and how to use nihilism properly to create an amazing life.

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Disclaimer: Some of the advice provided in these videos could be dangerous to your psychological or physical well-being if applied improperly. By listening to & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences. You agree to waive any legal recourse against Actualized LLC, Leo Gura, and Actualized.org staff. This is not medical or psycho-therapeutic advice.

Warning: Spiritual work is inherently risky and dangerous if misapplied or misunderstood. Actualized.org teachings are not suitable for people with serious mental disorders such as: suicidal depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, ADHD, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or medical conditions. Leo's teachings assume you have a stable and well-ground mind and life. If your mind is ill or unstable, these teachings may lead to a deterioration of your condition and even suicide if misapplied. Self-help and spirituality are not substitutes for professional treatment for such conditions. If spiritual work is causing your life to unravel in unhealthy ways, discontinue the work until your mind has stabilized and you are safe. Actualized.org teachings are very advanced and can easily be misunderstood and misapplied. Nothing Leo teaches ever promotes physical self-harm. Any time Leo talks about “facing one’s death” he is NOT talking about suicide or physically harming your body, but rather ego-death and spiritual awakening. Never confuse these two things.

Warning: Psychedelic substances are inherently risky and dangerous in many ways. Only use psychedelics if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for the consequences. Do not take psychedelics if you are too young, too immature, on mind-altering medication, or if you have a mental disorder. By listening to Leo you agree that Actualized.org is not responsible if you misuse psychedelics and injure yourself or others. If you decide to use psychedelics you must exercise extreme caution and carefully follow safety protocols. Leo’s use of psychedelics is always done with extreme caution and attention to safety. You should treat psychedelics like a loaded gun.

Note: All credit goes to the authors and creators. Some links may result in financial compensation.


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  1. 2 videos in a row? Someone tell me what’s going on, this is awesome.

    • The Dangers Of Misapplying Spiritual Teachings is about recent incident which is that one of the members in Actualized.org forum committed suicide.

    • Abso-damn-lutely what I was thinking!!!! This is Aaaaaawesome!!!

  2. Thanks Leo for all these videos your doing. I know it’s work and I appreciate it 🙏. We need it in these times.

  3. Two guys deeply influenced my thinking and the way I see life in general: Leo Gura and Alan Watts! I can’t be more grateful for both!!! Love you so much Leo!

    • Yeah Alan Watts is a puppy compared to the truth Leo is bringing into the light

    • @Grant Rogers I definitely wouldn’t compare the two. They both are brilliant in their own ways.

  4. Man this one might be one of the most anticipated videos ever in the history of actualized.org

    Killing it with the uploads leo 🤝💯❤️

  5. This is an extremely important episode for everyone to understand.

  6. Thanks for devoting your time to give us these EPIC videos!

  7. Thanks man for putting up these videos on such deep topics👍 one of its kind in YouTube 👍👍❤️

  8. I cannot praise Leo enough for his orignality to deconstruct such deep topics. 👍 Afterall ” Right Questions lead to Right answers ” and “Wrong questions lead to Wrong answers” and you man are on the right path🙏

  9. I adore this person, Leo is a person who can be my best adviser every moment i need it! Only one thing that I regret about myself after listening to him, is that I feel like I don’t dedicate much more time to explore myself and the world deeply and fundamentally, you make me wanna work harder to be better and change environment around me for the better as well! Thank you for sharing every single video, listening and watching to you more than 3 years already! ❣ I love you!

  10. “we know alot less about physics then we really do” – never a words more wiser spoken

  11. For what reasoneth hath thou bestoweth us with so much great content as of late???

  12. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Leo drop two videos back to back like that.


  13. Your process of breaking down meaning and definition in language is very energetic. I appreciate that. I remember an old video of yours where you explain your whole process of looking up definitions for words and it was really resonant material for me. Thanks for bringing the high quality content once again.

  14. When I was younger, I studied and adopted Nietzsche’s philosophies on life and meaning. My strong commitment to the teachings helped me greatly in completing my move from Spiral Dynamics stage Blue to Orange. I remember completely despising religion, and debating my former religious friends, spending dozens of hours studying the nihilistic worldview.

    After a couple of months, I started spiraling into a sort of chaotic madness, as I neurotically tried to embody the concept of the Ubermensch (Superman).
    I remained in a constant struggle for a while, always beating myself up to achieve impractical goals. I was also still a teen and it became a really isolated and depressing time in my life.

    Eventually, I very painfully realized that I had to let all the concepts I’d adopted go, to reconnect with the people I loved and discover the truth of life and reality, stepping into a radically different worldview that took me from Orange to Green.

    For anyone who sees the limitations of religion and wants to transcend, I suggest you study Frederick Nietzsche and other philosophers like him.

  15. 2:59 When Leo randomly starts describing your exact situation xd

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