Uncovering Earth’s Pre-flood Civilization

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There are signs of otherworldly beings everywhere in the ancient world. Were these gods or beings from elsewhere? Freddy Silva has studied many of these signs, from ancient Egypt to the Americas. From petroglyphs to standing stones and temples, he explains that the wisdom found with the symbols of serpent people are keys to humanity's ascension. He reveals that the home of these ancient beings may have been the astronomical region we now call Orion.

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  1. I like this channel, even if I think they are wrong about a lot of things, they still have some really interesting things I would never see otherwise 😉 Have a great day all 😉

    • I would love to know the information you have that would make you think they’re wrong

    • @Lucifer Gates It would take me hours to explain everything that I see as incorrect information as I am looking at the whole of their beliefs of things and how they see it. I am coming from a Bible perspective, which starts at the creation of man, the fallen angels that manipulated the DNA of fish, animals and people. The Bible also says this will be going on again toward the end, and it is now. Others think they are gods from the skies, but they were cast out of heaven. So, they did come from the sky as far as humans are concerned, but the truth of who they are makes a whole lot more sense. Also, they are known as light beings because they bought all kinds of knowledge to humans, but that knowledge caused all kinds of havoc and still does to this day. War for things others have, sexual immorality which bought deadly diseases, greed, and all of the things that cause hatred and jealousy. The book of Enoch also explains these beings. Every show I have seen they quote the Bible, but call it a myth, but constantly quote it anyway. I mean, if they go to such great lengths to deny it is a fact, why bother to quote it constantly? Anyway, have a great day 🙂

    • @Redeemed eeeh
      The problem with being only on one side is you get to be like you and only believe one thing even though you personally don’t actually know because we’re all fed second hand information
      I’m a believer in both and from all the info I’ve gathered and the many origins in which I’ve gathered it
      I can say you’re right about the DNA thing but they were beings from another planet who came here and did it biologically which means they had sex with humans
      Only curtain types of beings were geneticist
      I’m sure by now all of them have access to this technology even us
      I’d see what Gaia has to say first since they have people who choose to come out despite the dangers and tell us alot about what the government and even the Vatican
      I’m deeply upset with them for keeping the secrets they have from mankind
      I understand we’re not ready for it but some of us are

    • @Lucifer Gates Friend, in all loving kindness, I just made a comment but didn’t say why because of this very thing. At this point I am old, and I was also raised in schools and taught many things that I used to believe. I bought all of the lies I was taught in the 1960’s and 70’s, which after certain equipment was developed, as in the ultra sound I discovered that was a total lie to push abortion, which i totally voted for at the time. Now we know that a baby is way more than just a clump of cells, like we were told to get it pushed to make it legal back then. I am also from the generation that used to push cigarettes on the youth through constant advertisement. They still push booze, which is way worse as it kills others quickly. They also take our tax money and buy needles for heroin addicts even though that will not stop them from getting aids from other places. I am old enough to see how many lies our government, politicians, doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers…..you name it…..they lie, cheat, steal and kill to get their own way. The normal average citizen always pays for it in the end. So, after decades alive on the earth, seeing many, many things created and used as programming tools for the wealthy and elite, things that hurt the normal person, like the Georgia guide stones and many, many other things going on right now….I think the Bible really is telling us the Truth. Sad fact though, we are all taught to think it is a myth, and their ideas are true. Any way, have a blessed day friend 🙂

  2. It appears those who will not learn, have come before me. Their words will come back to haunt them, sad to say.

  3. If y’all think the content is garbage, why even bother to check this channel out? Let alone leave a comment.

  4. These civilizations are all made by the human biological mind, for human race continuance on earth, why?A/ Against the none-existance.
    “existence is imperfection” by Jean paul sartre.
    This is very simple to read but hard to swallow for many people.


  6. Thumbs up for spot on intelligent information!The Hopi Indians and indeginous tribes are the ones to go to for accurate information about our past..I was visited by the blue Hopi Kachinas a year ago who showed me that we were destroying our planet and we are in the Great Purification..I tried reaching out to the Hopi as to why I was chosen for this visitation and they do not tell me..I thought Kachinas would only visit Indians and I’m a white guy.
    But I can say that the Kachinas are as real as you and I..Maybe one day I’ll get the rest of my answers.

  7. Nice content but why do we always limit findings and research to only some parts of the world and why not other continents? Have we researched about Yoruba Kingdom in Nigeria?Yoruba civilisation can be dated back to millions of years. In Yoruba race, You can research about IFA called Oracle in English, IFA is the knowledge and coded words that God(Eledumare in Yoruba) gave directly to Orunmila inorder to help human race. IFA can tell you about past present and scan to future. Through IFA, there are 200+ deities in Yoruba land, popular ones are Ogun, Sango, Oshun, Obatala, Oya, Esu etc. Ogun is God of Iron, Sango is a God of thunder, Oya is God of Storms and so on. God sent Orunmila to the world to shared his IFA knowledge among Yoruba people and IFA is being used up to date in Yoruba land and adopted in Brazil, Cuba, China, Japan etc. Yoruba native Doctors can call upon Ogun (God of Iron) for help or Sango(God of thunder) and you can see the results in a physical form. Yoruba are so powerful with metaphysical powers and they can make someone disappear and re-appear again, power of teleportation, power to control weather and many powers for medicinal purposes. Just to mention few. Has any one researched about Orunmila and IFA? Could Orunmila be an extraterrestrial? The civilisation of Yoruba people started from city called Ile-Ife in Yoruba land. Orunmila lived in Ile-Ife. Can we make research about Ile-Ife and and thier role on Earth planet and Universe. But you can only find stolen ancient Yoruba artifacts in British museum and other parts of the world. We need more research to find out more missing links.

  8. Divergent societal principles. Serpent energy = emerald tablets handbook for universal design principles and energy management

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