Uncle Iroh’s Wisdom (Hidden Spirituality of Airbender 3)

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Iroh is one of the beating moral hearts of Avatar: The Last Airbender – and honestly, he deserves a magical video dedicated to his awesomeness!

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  1. Do one of SAILOR MOON im intrested to see ur thoughts on what she is ,Represents, and the ancient meaning of her message to the world:)

  2. Wow what timing! I just re started watching this series again and last night was thinking about his character and how much I overlooked him as a kid. I need to start drinking more tea 😁

  3. You guys are spreading meaningful positivity, great job. Makes me feel that it was more then just entertainment. It was more, the Airbender. Thanks.

  4. I saw this show as a young high school kid but now that I’m more spiritual I see it differently I look for messages and its more meaningful.

  5. Eight minutes in and he just said the same thing over and over again, and it’s whatever Iroh said, just repeated. The only thing that I found useful and non-redundant is when he talks about Iroh and Tea, and when he says that Iroh may borrow from Taoist values, both things I didn’t either think about or know

  6. I’ve sold tea as a distributor for the past fifteen years, you can get tired of it, you can also get tired of breathing if life is difficult enough with no way out.

  7. Iroh’s power goes beyond just compassion and vitality. He also was capable of using rage. Iroh was a man of balance.

    For example, when he confronted Zhou, he was drawing on rage, but not uncontrolled anger. It was righteous anger. He was angry because of what Zhou was trying to do (basically end the world! Destroying the moon is a very, very bad idea for life on earth.)

  8. Yessss!!! Another great episode. Love Love Love me some Last Airbender. And Uncle Iroh is the best. His wisdom is so powerful. And yes he is a big kid. If you have not checked out the series, please do so. I love that show.

  9. Respect, love and gratitude, community projects. Community leaders. Thank you for helping. Amazing energy to you and to flow. #Briansmithenergy #wellbeing #weareguildford

  10. Remember the arc where iroh was in jail and he got SWOLE? Those bars weren’t keeping him in, they were protecting the guards

  11. I love Uncle Iroh! Every now and then I rewatch the show. It always makes me feel better in my dark days.

  12. Beautiful loved the Show has a kundalini rise watching that Thank you 🙏 Awesome xx

  13. Some of the best quotes are from iroh my favorite one is ~You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength💯

  14. Just wanted to give a little input about the phrasing in the script. Lightning bending was probably not invented by Iroh, but he did invent lightning redirection. Love the episode. Iroh is amazing.

    • The wisdom and manifestation moon streams are available only inside of Spirit Mysteries right now ^^

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