UFOs Aliens and US CONGRESS? The HARDEST Part of the Story | Caroline Cory

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We’re not alone! ET’s are closer than you think! We've seen footage of UFO sightings and read the UFO Reports, so how do we contact and connect with extra-terrestrial life?

In this episode, Caroline Cory, Director and Producer of award winning films, “Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible” and “Gods Among Us” dives into UNANSWERED questions about declassified information released by the Pentagon on UFOs, connecting to ETs and the one thing that connects us ALL as human beings, extraterrestrial life and the cosmos entirely.

Tune into this episode as it’s truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Film AMONG US: https://www.GodsAmongUs.com/
WATCH HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Among-Us-Dean-Radin/dp/B08RF1HNQK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=among+us&qid=1625202628&s=instant-video&sr=1-1

PLANETARY GRID ANIMATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sBJ9Ug6R_U

CONSCIOUSNESS WORK: www.CarolineCory.com

BOOK: "THE DIVINE PLAN: Now and Beyond 2250”: https://www.omniumuniverse.com/Products/

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    • The more I read Rudolph Steiner I’m starting to think that the beings cal arch Angeloi, Angeloi, and then the lower Luciferic ones need vehicles to travel where as the fully evolved ones have gained their light bodies and can travel using their light bodies! Just seems like this is the proper time and place to let this be spread to more! Food for 💭

  1. Sounds intriguing. I’ve always believed that we are not alone in the universe. ❤️

  2. You’re both inspiring and adorable Caroline! I’ll be there…..

  3. Awesome can’t wait to see this! Caroline Cory is so smart love her videos ♥️🙏

    • Yes, awesome. She’s the real deal. As soon as she started talking about time, I knew…

  4. Michael your awesome! You bring topics that resonate with me .I appreciate you.❤🙏🌟

  5. I heard it said today we are on a DNA 🧬 drug trip called life . Thought that was funny . Why does all this that is said here which is way out there seem to be completely legit in my mind?

    • What resonates with each of us personally usually means it is our truth.

  6. This was incredibly interesting! What a brilliant interview! (I’m leaving a comment for the algorithm:) I know we aren’t alone in the universe, I’ve had too many experiences, as did my parents, to think otherwise. Thank you for another great show! Namaste🙏

  7. I just love her! Thank you for your generosity Caroline!❤️

  8. He’s amazing Caroline Corey I love her great great great have her back she needs to tell us how to get tapped into the grid you acted like you kind of didn’t really know but it’s like that’s how you type in when you meditate to the grid

  9. Wonderful! Loved her documentary! (I thought of that when you were in Joshua Tree!) 😊

  10. Allah (God) says in his book that there are two types of.alient living with you “gins” and “angels ” the first type is made of fire and the second of light both are concious and aware just like humans this means that both have CPUs and can decide for themselves !😅 …this put them at the same footing as humans…!😅but they posses an other faculty humans do not have which is …gins & angels can change forms and shapes…!😅

  11. At 10:10, what does this mean “we are multidimensional beings”? And where’s the proof?

  12. Thanks, Michael & Caroline, for this great & encouraging conversation. Wonderful teasing out of info to help us understand further. Would love to have heard as many as possible of those juicy bits you cut out.. 🌟🌍🌟

  13. Great interview and I really like Caroline Cory. I’m not understanding why her book The Divine Plan is selling for $35 even on Kindle.

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