Two Sides Of EGO – Teal Swan

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  1. I love you’re sharing in your perspective I was able to do this in a similar fashion with opioid withdrawal and opiate withdrawal, I was done with it I wanted no more and I ended up putting myself into extreme precipitated withdrawal, by doing that everything hit me at once and I thought all I could possibly do is slip into madness and kill myself to escape, but I naturally trust my bodies intelligence and after an entire day of pain and discomfort to the upmost degree I listened to how I was literally continuing to find ways of escaping the pain or get rid of it until it hit me, I have to accept it I have to go towards it and that it was only trying to teach me something so I visualized the pain as a black silhouette of a human figure and I said you aren’t my enemy you are my friend so I opened my arms and gave that entity a loving hug and told it that I thank you for your love and that you can leave peacefully when you’re ready, I immediately started feeling less and less pain all in the span of 30 mins of thinking this way, the next day I felt nothing whatsoever and I continued until this day with 6 months completely sober no methadone and no suboxone I completely believe all is within I just have to look at things differently from other sides of perception

  2. I’m so happy congrats on 1million subs Teal! Thank you to Teals team also!

  3. Thanks a million for this week’s sale on premium membership 😍🎉 like the best gift I’ve ever gotten ❤

  4. That’s why I shake my head whenever I see people using the phrase: *the ego is the enemy*

    The funny thing is that their own ego is making them believe there is another ego which is the “enemy”

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