Turning FEAR into FUN: This Simple 4 Step Method Will Make You SMILE | MICHAEL SANDLER

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What does FEAR and FUN Share in common? It’s an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE.

In this episode you’ll learn how to ALTER your emotional response to FEAR.

Our brains know no better, but to respond automatically by releasing a response, with these 4 steps you’ll change the way your brain responds to this made up emotion we call “FEAR”

Watch through the whole episode and you’ll learn the EASY 4 step process to take an emotion of FEAR, flip it around and call it FUN.

You’ll get 4 INSTANT takeaways you can implement NOW to change your life FOREVER.

Do let us know how you like it. Comment below. :O)

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  1. You weren’t kidding about roo roo being huge 🤣 thanks for sharing your love and light with us all michael/jessica and family ❤

    • You are so welcome and yes he is one big boy!

  2. Thanks for the videos, I’m afraid to put out videos that I’ve made.

    • If you have a desire to put out videos but are afraid how they’ll be received, you need to go for it!! Whatever happens, taking that leap will be so empowering! It is all about the journey and part of your journey might be overcoming the fear and doing something you truly desire without attachment to the outcome.

    • @Austin Johnson, just remember what other people think of you is their business, not yours. We’re always our own worst critic, aren’t we? Go for it and have fun!

  3. I really needed to hear this Michael. Thank you so much for all you do. Love you guys ❤️❤️

  4. This was wonderful. Those teachers didn’t realize what a gift your “motor mouth” was. And Roo-roo is just precious.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words about Roo!

  5. Thank you, Michael for this new tool and to be willing to do something out of the box! I think 2020 has made us aware that Pivoting is the our new normal. Many Blessing to you, Jessica, the kitties and RooRoo. How does it get any better than this!

  6. I give you alot of kudos for driving a truck rv combo. It is not easy especially that length. Much luck for continued fun!

  7. Sad how our childhood labels continue in our memory for years. Be careful of your words with your kids, parents, PLEASE!

  8. What? Wait. When did you record this? Was it before the parking incident you spoke of on Sunday where you weren’t paying attention while you were backing up?!? I’m sorry, but if so, I have to 😂 if you didn’t take your own advice lol. Everything is always working out for you in the best way possible! 💕

    • It was before the incident on Sunday when we first got the RV. But that was not backing up…it was pulling in, and very, very slowly. However, I am now firmly committed to taking a truck driving course or getting private lessons.

  9. Thanks for the reminder Michael. Have not been smiling enough. RooRoo is beautiful

  10. awareness I had it with my kids, I also had some premonitions about my kids I almost knew things before going to parties, events what I had to be careful with the kids etc

  11. I love Roos expression after you sneeze, and your chant after apologizing, you make me laugh

  12. Dear, Michael, set yourself free of trailer fear….it sounds like you listened to someone else saying it’s O.K. and you trusted their opinion. That is not a crime….That’s the lesson…I’ve seen trailers going down the highway with doors open….. know your truck and trailer..better to learn that while still parked, than going down the highway…your Angel’s were actually watching…..you are the one behind the wheel, so YOU, are the one responsible for connections, be your own checker…walk around and do your own check list…then relax…. you know it’s been done….lesson learned…..Now you know what sequences or checks need to be done between truck and trailer. One consistent check list before moving can relieve your mind going down the road…Take a few extra minutes to be your own checker. Then relax. Peace. Happy trails, to you all.

  13. Fab show! Lovely by river! Yes we all need to slow down so true! Much love n fun! KX

  14. I love the setting of this video, especially the light! 😃💜🌟

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