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Weekly astrology forecast for April 26th through May 2nd, 2021

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  1. Aries ♈ 10:51
    Taurus 13:00
    Gemini 14:32
    Cancer 16:36
    Leo 18:58
    Virgo 21:05
    Libra 23:25
    Scorpio 25:12
    Sagittarius 27:39
    Capricorn 29:51
    Aquarius 31:53
    Pisces 34:33

  2. I have a scorpio moon, and I had a repressed memory surface last night.

    • @amy s Same here, a person close to me is Scorpio rising with Scorpio stellium and they also had a mental health crisis then as well and exhibiting similar things now. They have Taurus moon though so hoping that may ground them somehow.

    • @A. L. my friend is the same today, he lost his job and denied that he has mental problems, he thinks it’s normal and it’s just “special” we went to a psychiatrist but he refused the treatment
      if 2 days is normal then 4 days is a devil, sometimes hours, he change his mentally suddenly, hears voices in his head, arguing with them, sees ghosts and all that in November last year when it was lunar eclipse. He is Gemini sun and Scorpio moon 🙁

    • @amy s Wow, this is almost identical to the person I’m speaking of. They too think it’s just some ‘neat’ energy to hear voices and have hallucinations and also had been hospitalized before. Also is refusing to go see the doctor at this time. Thinks it’s not necessary… I hope they keep their job with this occurring…. She’s Sagittarius sun, Scorpio rising, Taurus moon with a Scorpio stellium.

    • @amy s She sees ghosts and witches too and believes and likes the ‘dark’ energy is what she calls it.

    • @A. L. he has the same problems with dark energy but nobody believes me and I can’t go to a psychiatrist with something like this “you know doctor he has mental problems because it was the lunar eclipse”. I don’t know what schould i do

  3. Yes!! Snap decisions moving house 🏠 literally tomorrow!! Scorpio ♏️ ascendant. Leo ♌️ sun ☀️ Sagittarius ♐️ moon…

  4. This energy lately is like tumbling around in a dryer. On the longest, strongest cycle. 🙀

  5. I’m Aries rising on Friday I realized a friend of mine stole $$$ from my mom’s rental property and she did this back in 2018. It’s funny how all that’s done in the dark comes to light.

    • Lots of old secrets and emotional releases coming out. It’s like the true faces are showing.

  6. You have a lot going on Heather, awesome. I stop by every time you post. I’m grateful for my Libra moon because between my virgo sun and Scorpio rising I think I’d be a hot mess emotionally right now lol 💜

  7. Last few weeks Been keeping secrets of life changes i just achieved to avoid naysayers. Sounds like Scorpio

  8. Apparently my new lip color is the most divisive thing that’s ever happened to the comments section of my YouTube channel 🤣
    I just thought it went better with my outfit than my normal shade… silly me hahaha

    • You look lovely, with this or any other lipstick shade! And why is anyone here to comment on that at all. Great video, thanks!

    • Lol. First impression when I saw the video was you look old. Then I noticed your comment. But lights, cameras, it’s deceptive

    • Funny you mentioned that. I think it brings out the warmth in your skin. As on point as your forecast ✨💙🥰

    • I loved the shade on you, Heather, because I like and wear nude lipsticks myself. Wouldn’t have even noticed anything actually if a comment wasn’t made.

  9. leo sun-libra rising, i decided to throw my money at the stock market, i am someone that has never in my life been able to save money (terrible w/saving) and suddenly i am obsessed with saving (investing)

  10. Holy. Smokes. How the heck do you have time to do all the extra stuff?! I am kinda blown away just by how much detail is going into your Astrology Course…how are you managing all these other things?? Is it like Harry Potter where Hermione was using a time-turner to do all her extra lessons? Hahaha…Actually you are a lot like Hermione. Thank you so much for this awesome forecast and for everything else. Looks like I need to join your cosmic community. The content sounds amazing.

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