Trusting the Force in the Age of Covid

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This episode was part of a journal written by one of our writers on Team Spirit – He was going through it hard and was feeling a lot of different things, as the pandemic pulled his faith into question… As a result, he wrote this – and while it has been edited for video, it's a writing that speaks to how a lot of people were feeling, and we wanted to bring that message to the world.

If you want a list of sources that he was drawing from, you can find them on our blog here:

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  1. This channel has been big part of exposing to ideas that I have never seen before. Keep up the good work.

  2. The force is what every enlightened being has tried to tell us about. You are right, the world is going through a conscious shift. Every single individuals frequency has an effect on the entire planet.
    I meditated last Wednesday and at 5 in the morning had CE5 sighting for the first time.
    It was the most beautiful, humbling thing I’ve ever seen

  3. I see where you’re coming from, it’s a real pain when a friend or a loved one can not be face to face it hurts so much. But makeing you’re abilitys more vizible and stronger is a blessing in disguise. To sharpen the mind , to grow you’re soul , to have the body’s awareness. In life, we are subjects to exchange, receive something, and give back in return. If we only would understand this we are on a good path otherwise we are only mowing our losses and that is self-destruction. I hope and believe I know already what life is about, it has to be balanced, centered on our belief system, and living with a good sense. Thank you for sharing something so special with us that fallow you’re Chanel it touched me deepley otherwhise I would not have comented below this clip.

  4. The ego or body mind searches for a solution, for a structure, for logic, for results, analyzing, slicing, labeling, and imagining outcomes. The ego has never resolved anything, the force has and always did. The ego is a charlatan and this is an opportunity to “be still”. That’s all, without reaching, striving and trying to resolve. Be still, trust, believe, See! In time the solution Will come and the world will be better. Today you choose between the ego path, which will fail once again, or you surrender to it ALL and be saved. We must take the leap of death into the dark void.

    It is impossible to do this however, the ego will never relinquish, we are all still egos. However through grace we may be saved, but we have to trust it, believe and let go of the iron grip. A mystic once said that Satori is like climbing the tallest flag pole in your city, getting to the top, and then stepping off. You can do it right now, step off into the unknown, give your life to it, it’s a sacrifice, and the reward is eternal life.

  5. Brilliant. Thank you for the reminder. ❤️Patience and Trust is the message I have been given.

  6. Even here it has to be political – wow looking at the comments, right and left paradigm unbelievable. Great video.

  7. Please watch the Peak Prosperity channel regarding the “Science” of the Rona. Be Informed not Fearful.

  8. The reality of it is the force is real and its in all of us whether we want it or not but choosing the Jedi or Sith is up you. Think of the power the people will have when they live and grow/evolve when that belief has been established also this does not effect religion it strengthens them all even atheists have to reconcile that they just don’t want to do anything with it is all where they are coming from and the agnostic can’t decide use it don’t use it.Simple not may the force be with you but its with you what are you going to do with it Luke or Vader

  9. Not that I recommend it by any means however often tip toeing on deaths door step can take you to a higher dimensional plane. Ramdas is a great example of a know spiritual leader who had a near death experience and never fully returned. Because where you go is outside of place and time, you find your immortal self. Your God self, the only way to the father is within.

  10. People hated the last Jedi, but it seemed to really hit on this idea of balance and that there is no light without darkness. The Jedi and sith are two opposites on this spectrum, with the Jedi serving the higher self and the sith serving their egos. Interestingly I think the gray Jedi, like Ashoka, had it right. They didn’t agree with the Jedi council and felt like they were getting far too polarized in a war that was not theirs to fight. Jedi are supposed to be peacekeepers, not warriors. That is why the sith was able to destroy most of the Jedi. They became too involved in the war rather than reliance on the force, therefore they were distracted from the fact that the enemy was under their nose the whole time.

  11. This stuff actually got me…now when I look at what they preach from the outside it’s clearly luciferian. Don’t eat their apple. That’s all I will say. They do have some good and thoughtful ideas on how to be a decent good human. But as they say…the devil is in the details.

    • @God of Lovers this channel? Everyone is free to do what they want. I’m not like trying to cancel them. Just giving those who don’t know a heads up. Maybe look at what luciferians believe (maybe their tree) then come back here and look at the videos.

  12. At 66 years old now I have to say that I have learned more from Spirit Science than I ever learned in school so thank you for the free education!

  13. The hype is much more like star wars than other stories. World building on the go. Put simply, given the choice between peace and war, it seems there’s no contest.

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