Tren Genius Explains Why He Always Wanted To Be Rich

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Most people who become RICH always wanted to be RICH before they became rich. If you have the ambition to be rich then you have a gift from above. If you are watching this video, chances are you will be rich after this video is you are not already.

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  1. Big bro coming up tbh my people always told me it’s fantasy world they didn’t never dream big I was the only one I always said I wanted the lamborghini with the doors up they use to look at me like I was crazy I stayed around people in lack mindset bro I know what I want for life financial free famous youtuber and a famous pornstar Daquan adams

  2. Be rich in spirit, focus, and faith. You will also probably have a lot of money😆

  3. Bra the bread I had coming up I gave because I wanted to make sure people was straight good heart you feel me I know I mean Ion no was it was a sacrifice or what I gave people my last boys and girls big bro I know but guess what thoe 2021 my year big facts

  4. I always wanted to be rich because I saw Richie rich 🤑 on tv and compared his life to my past broke a** life where I only thought I was rich

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    • I just said yesterday make friends with money and you came here and say the ssmething wow

  6. Love your intellect your conversations are on dopest levels The video of you in your car talking before your birthday in December definitely got a new subscriber. I swear I been just going with the flow and the universe has definitely been listening and hearing me. Keep em coming I’ll be watching. 🗣💯💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾

  7. I always felt I was going to be rich when I was younger I told my granny I would be rich too and she remembered.

  8. I believe having money is just financial freedom. If you able to get your dream home dream car credit A1 and could travel without worries and be able to help your love ones must be a amazing feeling can’t wait to get to that level in life!

  9. I always wanted to be rich because of the fact of so many men in my family not living up to their full potential. That stops with me. I am RICH & WEALTHY!!!!

  10. Love your channel tren. I’ve always had this feeling that wealth is my destiny. I grew up in a small town in bama in a middle class fam. I’m manifesting it . ❣️🥰 Sending love.

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