Transform Your Personality, Transform Your Life with Dr. Joe Dispenza

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How can you learn to break your addiction to a life you don’t even like? If you transform your personality, you can transform your life, and that transformation can lead to a life that is nothing short of miraculous. Author and neuroscientist Joe Dispenza reveals how we get trapped in our habitual emotional responses, so much so that by the time we’re 35 years old we’re a set of memorized programs. In clear language, based on his years of scientific research, he explains that your personality is made up of how you think, how you act and how you feel. If you change those elements you can change your personality.

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  1. Accept the parts of yourself that you are ashamed of, and it’s the process of learning to love those parts of oneself, that we become our best version of self.

  2. Definitely listen to Joe everyday ! Game chancer . UNLEARN IN ORDER TO LEARN NEW THINGS TO ATTACH IN YOUR LIFE .. ABUNDANCE . LOVE TO ALL 💙💯👌🏽🏁

  3. Theres a russian guy on youtube called dark ghost who is having the most amazing communication with a spirit. He captures thr spirit on video multiple times and it does things for him to document also. It confirmed that not all ghosts remember how they die. He also asked the spirit about being reborn / reincarnation can spirits choose to do it?. The spirit replied YES! we can. Its honestly the best ive seen. I dont believe these that use the phone app necrophonic. The answers are just always so totally random. I still think the old methods are the best. Im not entirely sure what the russian guy uses but the spirit does interfere with it at times and it makes loud squeeling noises. Moat other times it gives direct answers. Ive lived in many haunted propertys since a child i have one that comes in visitation here near xmas every year. Then it will leave until next xmas. Things have already started happening. Which does’nt bother me. I only got frightened once in one old property as the spirit had a hell of alot of strength. And showed it at times. I’ve also had a total of 7 nde’s as a child i had a really bad bout of whooping cough for over 8 weeks and i had basically suffercated 6 times fighting for breathe. i had 24/7 bedside assistance.

    • @Gregory Laguesse yes and maybe you should finish it before your humble opinion, ijs

  4. Dianetics teaches that the reactive mind reacts irrational to live events based on stored traumatic memories in the brain. Psychosomatic illnesses are due to the reactive mind making the body sick. Going through auditing sessions can clear up all those traumatic memories stored in the subconscious [reactive mind] and store them in the rational [analytical mind].

    • No reason for
      Proven cults. Hubbard work a great book of science fiction.
      Way to many people are scared up.
      Is antics only effect the sheep unable to be away from the flick and live live doing for others and the environmental.
      Selfishness and cult mentality.
      Is very in healthy
      Kool aid about available in a lot of these

  5. Cz: Jak se můžete naučit prolomit svou závislost na životě, který se vám ani nelíbí? Pokud transformujete svou osobnost, můžete změnit svůj život a tato transformace může vést k životu, který není ničím jiným než zázračným.
    Autor a neurolog Joe Dispenza odhaluje, jak jsme uvězněni ve svých obvyklých emočních reakcích, a to natolik, že v době, kdy nám bude 35 let, budeme mít soubor memorovaných programů. Jasným jazykem na základě svých let vědeckého výzkumu vysvětluje, že vaše osobnost je tvořena tím, jak myslíte, jak jednáte a jak se cítíte. Pokud tyto prvky změníte, můžete změnit svou osobnost.

    O uživateli Gaia:
    Gaia nabízí největší zdroj videí rozšiřujících vědomí. Odpovězte na hlubší otázky života a překračujte běžné příběhy s Gaií – mediální sítí hledačů pravdy a věřících podporovaných členy, která podporuje vývoj vědomí. Prozkoumejte více než 8 000 streamovaných titulů bez reklam, které zpochybňují moderní paradigmata a umožňují vám projevit realitu, která definuje vaši bytost. Gaiu můžete zažít v angličtině, španělštině, němčině nebo francouzštině. Nabízíme originální, dabovaný nebo titulkový obsah v těchto jazycích. Připojte se ke stovkám tisíc členů ve 185 zemích a probuďte své vědomí.

  6. Thank you may you all have a safe and blessed life.
    I greatly appreciate your works.
    I truly need to figure th I out.
    I’ve been going thru a lot of experiences in the last 58 years.
    I truly like to get to the point of enjoying my life.
    I have caused myself so .much kaos..
    But I’m staying on the path of positive.
    Back to a veggie diet.
    Work on all my physical and mental injuries I’m occurred from being to rough.
    I looking forward to a calmer more thoughtful life. a life of not involving my self with every thing that I have no control over.
    Letting Kindness and Gratitude and exercising the thoughts. Into action to be a blessing to others in each day.

  7. It is SO right. The quantum field. frequency, vibrations, energy. There is an ocean of it. Just “drink”. I am so happy for this video. Happy that it is shown. The quantum I found by myself, by gaining information. It was a lead call. Once again, the existence of a quantum field, is confirmed here. In a brilliant way. I call myself science spiritual. Perhaps quantum spiritual is better. Dont care. Love to you.

  8. Has anybody tried to summon those UFOs? They’re here everyday. I believe in you.

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