Transcendental Meditation Technique – A Complete Introduction

Spread the love In this introductory video, Bob Roth describes the Transcendental Meditation® technique in depth. What you'll learn:

• What TM is
• What TM is not
• What happens during TM
• How we know TM really works
• TM's effect on the brain
• The natural tendency of the mind
• What a mantra is
• Where TM came from
• How TM is different
• Why TM works for everyone

To learn more about the TM® technique, visit or call 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686)

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  1. Was diagnosed with GAD about 6 months ago and instead of taking anti-depressants, I started practicing mindfulness and transcendental meditation daily. I feel like a completely different person from who I was 6 months ago. I have emotional stability and control. Trust me folks, this works.

    • Warren McDaniel I am GAD for 2 yrs. already on anti depressants. But want to get out of it. I get defocused in conversation. Feel sleepy in day time. No interest at work. Tried many forms of breathing. Can this work

    • Absolutely!. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s not easy. Depression is a lying, cunning adversary, but it can be beaten into submission. I am so happy you took control and decided not to turn to life-threatening drugs as a first resort. Hope to hear from you again. Meditation with Chi Gong and acupuncture saved my life and allowed me to become drug-free 🙂 ~ Namaste!

    • Warren McDaniel very inspiring! Take care! ☀️💪🏼

  2. Not even half the way through this video and I’m liking this guy. very organic

    • I totally agree! He is someone I study in order to bring our meditations to the world. ~Namaste!

    • It’s because he does tm and now he’s in that mental state all the time.

  3. I agree with this, meditation can lead to opening the doors to the collective consciousness we all share, it’s like that place before birth and after death.  What I don’t get is why you would register a national trademark for the word “Transcendental Meditation”, this is something we all have access to, always have and always will, just seems odd for the wrong reasons.

    • +Dan Regna ALL TM teachers train for 5 months, in-residence, to become TM teachers. They train just as hard as actors do when rehearsing a play. They agree to help every single student of every other TM teacher who taught TM, no matter where they learned or when, as long as the TM teacher was still following the guidelines of the international organization.

      That means that you can learn TM for free from teh David Lynch Foundation in South America and travel to the USA and go to any TM center in teh USA and talk to a TM teacher for free at any time for the rest of your life. Most countries outside the USA have a nominal fee structure for this, but the followup program is free-for-life in teh USA.

      There are about 300 TM centers in the USA ( )and maybe 1,000 or so TM centers around the world ( ).

      Try setting up an organization like that in only 50 years without charging a fee.

    • +Dan Regna “Transcendental Meditation” is registered because TM teachers go through 5 months of training, in-residence, to become TM teachers, and agree to provide lifetime followup support for every student of every other student who learned TM through the official organization.

      And so standards are kept via the trademark. National governments appreciate this level of quality control. Currently, the TM organization is negotiating with virtually every government in Latin America to train government employees as TM teachers, so that everyone can learn TM for free at their school, or in prison, or in hospital, or even when they join the police force or the military.
      And all of THOSE meditators will have the right to go to any TM center, anywhere in the world, and ask for help with their meditation.
      THAT is what trademarking “TM” and “Transcendental Meditation: an internationally recognized accreditation organization for meditation teachers.

  4. Meditation is what truly changed my life and I hope everyone starts meditating after this. And actually, most successful people meditate.

  5. I took TM in 80’s in Washington, DC. It saved my life and worth every penny I paid. I have used it throughout my life and it led me to live an awesome life beyond anything I could have thought before beginning TM! Still love it and am thankful for it being a part of my life.

  6. Feel better just listening to bob Roth his voice is amazing thx

  7. I just found this book call Strength in stillness by bob roth. And i love it i can’t stop reading it. Halfway through all ready

  8. “It can be done in a car… If somebody else is driving.” Bob Roth, this brought a smile to my face.

    • Me too. I chuckled. You have to be super stressed to believe you need to do it while driving. 😂😂😂😂

  9. TM has changed my life 🌻 I’ve struggled with clinical depression and GAD my entire adult life and this is the only thing that has ever given me peace. I had tried so many things to help with this (drugs, other types of meditation, alcohol, yoga) nothing has impacted me as profoundly as TM. After my first time practicing the technique I felt like I had become a new person. It’s worth every penny. I’m current 24 years old and am so happy I found TM. Your thoughts are not your enemy. You don’t always have to numb yourself to escape. We just need to heal and TM is the only thing I’ve come across that helps you heal from within. If you’re watching this video wondering if you should try this, I highly encourage you attend an intro class close to you and get educated on how this practice can help you. Pure consciousness>

    • wow thanks for sharing this. I am raging a battle in my head every single day. this it my next thing to try to calm the demons down….dare i even say, get rid of’em…..

    • ~Thank you for wanting to getting better. We all need to do this.

    • I relate to so much of what you wrote lol. It’s so awesome you got TM that young, I’m genuinely excited for you.

  10. My Dad has been doing TM for over 30 years. He decided to do it when he got a payout from work. It did change his life. He went from an angry man to the calmest man I know. BUT….what I don’t understand is why is it so expensive to do if it is such a simple thing, and why are all the centres in elite suburbs. Don’t we need this more in poorer suburbs where there is more suffering and more crime?? This should be taught in all schools, not just for rich kids.

    • David Lynch Foundation makes grants to teach TM -check into it.. THERES a vid where THERES a fundraising gathering for a women’s recovery home.

    • Transcendental Meditation how about for my wife. She’s 30 and was just diagnosed with blood cancer. We have four children, one with a physical disability. Our lives have been challenging as it is. I’m personally trying to find ways to stay positive here with all this on top of the state of this world today. I want her to feel some peace and joy. I want her to feel calm and at ease and hopefully to bring her happiness. I’m desperately begging for someone to reach out and help. Fighting to keep from having a mental break down but I KNOW I just doNOT have the luxury right now. But if I could see her at ease that would be more than enough for me.

    • We’re so sorry to hear of your difficulties!
      You can connect with the TM teacher in your local area at
      They’ll be able to explain how the TM technique works, and go over our sliding-scale TM course fees, as well as let you know if there’s any grant support available at this time 🙂

    • When you give something away for free, people do not value it highly. They would not give it the same importance if they had to pay for it. And for poor people, why do you think they will ever meditate? Regular breathing meditation is available and free to learn. Do you see them practice that?

  11. TM along with guitar were my greatest friends when I got out of military and had to deal with PTSD and hopelessness. Its the divine gift that creator embodied in every one of us

    • I love that ❤ so simply put for a big journey of healing. I wish u love from great spirit and many Angel’s. I also have PTSD and I’m also healing.

    • Thank ALL that is for your recovery! So happy you found peace. PTSD has gotten me fired from multiple jobs and shunned as a friend and family member. Just recently a Dr. tried to bully me and goad me into an argument during a PTSD panic attack. There are so much hatred and discrimination. One of our goals is to help people with this to regain peace and internal value. Hope to hear from you again ~ Namaste!

    • Artem….guitar? I was told to help with my depression to find a hobby. I have a guitar. Maybe combined I can get some help from it. Thanks for the hope.

  12. I heard about this through A Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he interviewed Jerry Seinfeld

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