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If you exist in the world today, you've probably ran into some toxic positivity. Maybe you've embodied it, or maybe at least you've had it dished out to you. Today, let's break it down, and find a real and genuine solution!

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    • 🙏🤗🔥💞
      thank you so very much.
      in depth,
      the existence of emotional pain is simply telling us something is amiss, just as the body’s nervous system does, warning us that we are in danger or harming ourself.
      One of the most useful Peace’s advice is: when u r angry or upset especially, consider everything u say to another person as a possible message for yourself.
      In this way you may notice that it shows u a toxic aspect u didn’t realize.
      A lot of times,
      it is actually very difficult to be completely honest with ourself. That is because the mind has a self defense system we call Ego, that will do everything in its power to defend itself, including lying or being dishonest(not completely honest).
      The only way the Universe has left to get a message through to use, is by having us say it out loud, even if u don’t realize it is a message for you, this is how the Universe communicates when we deny all other signs.
      It brings joy to my heart that you created this, my friend Cyndi from Wendy’s shared your channel with me and I like how simply you express the complicated aspects of ourselves.
      thank you babies. We Love You. Yes WE, GodaNEye.

  1. Whoever is reading this, you will be successful one day. Let’s do this for the future. #ebenteeentertaimment

  2. I’m sending you all positive energy and always remember that you’re not alone when ever you feel lonely #ebenteeentertainment

    • Pretend to be happy around others as long as possible and save the tears and anger for when you have some time alone to let it all out then relax. Hi how are you? Absolutely stupendous. What else are you going to say? Hey nosey, I’m doing terribly, thanks for prying.

    • @Aj Bennett if they ask a bs question they dont really care about the real answer for, give them a bs answer like you said. The point is to be authentic and stop with this fakeness our society is driven around

  3. “Stay in the Light” or “Stay Positive” is NOT balance it is FEAR of the dark / unknown and holds the person back. Balance is found by going through the dark and transcending the illusion of polarity so that you understand and are blessed by ALL aspects.

  4. We all needed light shed on this, especially right now. Huge collective process you explained with great empathy, thank you my guy

  5. I forced myself to watch this for the sake of those around me. Quite often actually I find myself saying to people “it’s all in divine order” and “we create our own universe”. I hope they know I don’t mean to be dismissive and my reason for saying it is so they know I encourage them to be all they are and nothing can stand in their way to achieve accepted states of being… I say these things to myself because when I confront the shadow I see that my life has reached a dead end and this brings me to very very dark places. Another thing, and please just disregard if this is not easily understood or agreed upon, is that our external realities hold the meaning we give to it and so I strive to always bring myself the states of being I resonate with, holding a deep conviction that not even the end of the world could dissipate. Thank you if you took the time to read this, know that I love every one of you and I’m so sorry If I wasn’t listening.

  6. I love this. So valid. I have always had a hard time “pretending” all is well to be socially acceptable. Being with our emotion and processing will get us naturally to more joy. Peace Patch ✨💛✨

  7. When my youngest daughter cry’s I just let her cry herself to sleep but my wife gets frustrated at me we’re both right we just have different perspectives ❤️

  8. Thank you, just thank you. I was feeling a little alone in this, I’ve been experiencing a lot of my darker sides yet I’m butting heads who are “living their best life”. I forget to remind my self that I feel more open, calm and effortless when I deprogram, and work out all the kinks.

  9. “What is the relationship between awareness and thinking? Awareness is the space in which thoughts exist when that space has become conscious of itself.

    Once you have had a glimpse of awareness or Presence, you know it firsthand. It is no longer just a concept in your mind. You can then make a conscious choice to be present rather than to indulge in useless thinking. You can invite Presence into your life, that is to say, make space. With the grace of awakening comes responsibility. You can either try to go on as if nothing has happened, or you can see its significance and recognize the arising of awareness as the most important thing that can happen to you. Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life.

    “I want to know the mind of God,” Einstein said. “The rest are details.” What is the mind of God? Consciousness. What does it mean to know the mind of God? To be aware. What are the details? Your outer purpose, and whatever happens outwardly.

    So while you are perhaps still waiting for something significant to happen in your life, you may not realize that the most significant thing that can happen to a human being has already happened within you: the beginning of the separation process of thinking and awareness.”

    Excerpt from “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

  10. I had to watch this because I am always positive even when I’m hurting and I thought before I went to sleep last night if it could fall back on me, then this video came out this morning. Diving timing.

  11. This….. Made me so happy…. I’ve had so much damage from being raised new age and being told all these things every time anything went wrong. 😵

  12. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. My heart is very heavy today, and I have had shame for allowing myself to feel this way. No more ! I am asking “What’s really going on here?” 🙏🌍❤

  13. I’m glad you addressed this. I notice that this “toxic positivity” often comes from privlidged individuals who just tell you to get over it or say you’re not trying everything you could. It’s as if they don’t want to admit that yes, some people are inherently at a disadvantage when trying to grow and exist.

    While I don’t agree with everything that’s happening right now, I also don’t like how people simplify and outright ignore the problem or insinuate that the other side/ person just isn’t trying hard enough.

  14. Being Able to Feel, Respect, & Understand All the Emotions Is having all your main chakras open & functioning well & spinning together ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💟🌈💎☀️

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