Top Signs You Have Trauma from 2020 & How to Start Healing! | DR JAMES GORDON

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If you find you’re scatter-brained, numbed out, or that life just doesn’t have the joy it once did, you may be suffering from trauma.

It’s a myth that traumas have to be these huge events, when even regular everyday events can trigger trauma in us.

It’s also a myth that these traumas can’t be healed.

In this fascinating interview with Dr. James Gordon, you’ll learn the top signs you have trauma, and what to do about it…even if it’s been a severe life-altering event.

You'll learn:
1. Tools to discover your specific trauma
2. How to quickly shake off the fight, flight and freeze of trauma
3. Body movement techniques to let go of traumatic energy
4. How to begin rewiring to release your trauma
5. How meditation can help – and what to do if you can't meditate
6. What in the world is shaking and dancing?
7. How drawing can help you to heal.

You don't need to be trapped by your traumas, but you can free yourself and lead the life you desire – and this fascinating, trauma-ending video can help!

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  1. Loved this interview and what a delight Dr. Gordon is! I am getting his book, thank you!

  2. The most healing information right now is included in the book by Arthur Firstenberg, INVISIBLE RAINBOW. Good people do not do horrible things, they are corrupted with lies believed through the irrational mind (e.g. authority figures being regarded as authorities on the matters they speak).

  3. Thank you Dr James Gordon, and Michael for bring this amazing man onto your show. Thank you very much. and God Bless ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼😇✨

  4. Meditations has not really done anything for me, I got bored or feeling completely empty ha! But those ones Dr Gordon showing us, that something else, loved. Now I think meditation is the best medication 😆 Thank you, thank you, thank you both🤸🏻‍♂️😘😘

  5. Thank you both. This was fantastic. I’m ordering his book when I leave this broadcast. ❤️

  6. That was great! I too have had a horrific year loss three main family members. Not from Covid but three-four months apart. (Nephew, mother and brother ). I am trying so hard to cope, this helped .

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