Top 3 Tips For Determining The MOST IMPORTANT Areas To Focus On In An Astrology Reading!

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Top 3 Tips For Determining The MOST IMPORTANT Areas To Focus On In An Astrology Reading!

In this video, Heather shares her BEST ADVICE for what's most important to focus on in an astrology reading based on her experience with working with thousands of clients and astrology students all over the world!

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  1. I want to know more about the rare mystic rectangle, is there a book out there explaining this in depth?

    • Yes! I am also interested in grand crosses! I have a fixed grand cross with sun/moon and Jupiter/Saturn.

  2. Yes! The #1!!! Very true!! Listen to the client! 😊 also saves time and energy spent on things that are not of concern. ❤️

  3. This is a great explanation from my perspective, and helped put me in the mindset of having a certain structure when working with clients. Thank you!

  4. This was very helpful
    1 focus on what the clients wants
    2 focus on what is being activated
    3 focus on what you know

  5. Would love to see what a reading looks like from start to finish if someone is ever willing to let us see! I’ve never had a professional reading and so I’m not sure what the experience is supposed to look like from start to finish. It’s definitely on my todo list to have a reading of my own from a professional! 🥰

  6. Hearher I love this! I do charts but also use with my empath/ intuitive hits. May I ask what if we are not sure their exact birth time? I know it’s usually not 3 signs away from sun for ascendant but which way?

  7. Thank you!!! Been getting various tips around. Great Insights! I’m preparing for my first reading as an Astrologer next week and it feels good!

  8. thank you Heather- as an astrologer I totally relate and agree with you- listen to the client and see what they need, why they came to you-

  9. I’m so happy to be enrolled in this course. It’s the most ambitious, organized, plentiful course!!!

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