TODAY is the Day to Manifest (POWERFUL) Solstice – Conjunction | Michael Sandler

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There's never been a more powerful time to manifest. This is the secret known to the ancients, whether the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, or countless ancient societies–that a door or portal opens up to the other side at the time of solstice.

There's a powerful light in this time of darkness – and that light is your inner flame, which pierces the dark far greater than the light.

Turn on a flashlight in the day, and no matter how bright, you barely see it. Turn it on in the night, and it can illuminate up an entire house or roadway.

You are the light, and this is the time of greatest darkness, but with a little help we can help crank your light up to attract in goodness and greatness beyond anything you've ever seen before.

So learn how to become the light – learn how to use this time to transform your life – and use the energy of Solstice, of the Saturn Jupiter Conjuction, of this entering of a new age, to manifest a future almost too great to even imagine.

Come join us for this extra special event – as you become the light!

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