To STOP Wasting Time – Remember this Everyday | An Eye-Opening video by Swami Mukundananda

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In this video, Swami Mukundananda explains how to realize the value of our time and life every day. The Human Life is a big blessing of God, and we need to utilize every moment of it wisely to achieve the purpose of our life. Watch more to find out.

Key-Takeaway: When you repeatedly contemplate the value of your Human Form as a gift of God, but time is limited, it will inspire you to give your best efforts and never procrastinate in life.

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About Swami Mukundananda:

Swami Mukundananda is a renowned spiritual leader, philosopher, visionary, author, and humanitarian. He is the founder of the yogic system called “JKYog.” Swamiji is a unique sanyasi (in the renounced order of life), with distinguished degrees in Engineering and Management from two world-famous Institutes in India, IIT and IIM. He is a senior disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.

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  1. A very good morning to everyone…
    Wishing your day be filled with love, laughter, hugs and happiness…..

  2. As usual, beautiful video. We should always engage in serving God and helping others. “Maanava seva….Madhava seva”. Thank you for inspiring us swamiji 🙏🙏🙏

  3. As Swamiji said, more precious than the priceless jewels is the human form. Without understanding its importance, we waste it and regret at the end of life. We should inspire ourselves with the gift of human form and realize it’s temporary nature and thereby utilize every moment judiciously. The vedas say don’t endeavor slowly. Inspire yourself and put in your best efforts. Like, comment and share this inspiring video.

  4. Swamiji explains how important the human form is! We should utilize each moment judiciously and not waste it! Wonderful message!

  5. According to swamiji we should spend each moment of our life judiciously and we should remember that time wil never wait for anyone so we should dothe thing which wii go towards our goal

  6. That’s great video. The man was still fortunate but we may not be! So endeavour rapidly and carefully.

  7. Can’t imagine what it feels like – those who are able to inspire themselves to live every moment with maximum potential. What are the precursors to feeling inspired to live every moment judiciously. Thanks so much for this thought provoking message!

  8. The pleasing sound of truthfulness from spiritual master, Swami Mukundananda. How fortunate we are to receive the gifts of God.

  9. This video really helpful to concentrate nd focused on that things whatever u do…❤Humbled thanx 2 u for sharing this with others…😇

  10. Swamiji beautifully explains that we already have a head-start by having been blessed with a human form, the purpose of which is to serve God. If we engage in devotion at a slow pace, grace will also shower upon us slowly; the reverse is true too. If our hunger for God-realization is intense, nothing can prevent us from accomplishing the spiritual goals. Thank you, Swamiji.

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