To Cry or Not to Cry? When to be Emotional as a Man – Teal Swan

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To Cry or Not to Cry? When to be Emotional as a Man – Should a man be emotional? Is it ok to cry or should a man not cry at all?
Society is full of mixed messages because people are full of #mixedmessages. To say that these mixed messages make it really hard to know what to do and not do, is the understatement of the century. One area in which these mixed messages create a big problem is in the #relationship between men and women. So today I’m going to sort through one such mixed message for you. And this time, it’s going to be a mixed message that women give to men. Let’s call it the “#cry but don’t cry” message.

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What Every Man Needs to Know About Women: 4:37

Containment: What a Woman Needs From a Man in a Relationship: 7:47

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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  1. Never be ashamed of your tears, be proud that you are still natural, be proud that you can express the inexpressible through your tears🙏

    • Well thank you Teal. It’s very difficult to understand this. So you man I have to verify if being vulnerable is right or not in every given situation? I would like a classification on this. Because e were all messed up in our childhood, women AND men. So in order to come together we have a long way ahead of us…..

  2. “If you cannot be present to life, to others or to yourself, the only possible place you could be is to be lost somewhere in your own thoughts, hidden behind your own self-defenses, covered up by your suppressed feelings and emotions, buried in your reactions to the past. Essentially, if you cannot be present to yourself, to others or to life, it means you are caught up in your thoughts and in your own condition. Here it is really necessary to break free. It is really necessary to begin to explore your own feelings. If you cannot feel anger, then you will not feel love. If you cannot feel sadness, how can you experience affinity with anyone? If you are choked because of the suppression of these things, then your mind will be unclear, your senses will be dulled and your expression will be oppressed.”

    A quote from a teaching from the New Message from God, entitled *The Watchtower*

    • Excellent, no anger, no love. Because they are similar but at opposite ends of the spectrum. If you Love someone deeply, you will get angry when they do something that you don’t like. They go together.

  3. When I cry I don’t think it’s a feminine thing but I do feel like a helpless child.

    • It is because crying means that you were hurt for some reason. Whether it be physically or emotionally. It literally means you are ‘weak’ and ‘defenseless’ and that is why you feel helpless. And to be helpless among stranger can be dangerous so it is understandable that many of us try to hide it.

    • @Sanningen Crying is not always hurt it can be experienced as extreme joy as well so it depends on the person but it’s not weakness it’s human

    • Every man has a feminine element like every woman has a masculine element but it’s not to the extent of being a woman or a woman being a man. Crying is a human element including some animals who cry as well of both genders so don’t be ashamed. When you actually heal the heart element the tears are a source of relief from suppressed emotions which is healthy.

    • There is a cartoon. About the girl cat that cried because her kite got stuck in the tree and she cried the whole river. Her friends tried to help but they couldn’t get the kite. So cat went back in time this time she didn’t cry but took the problem in her hand and with the help of her friends got the kite out of the tree and everybody played together happily. Crying is ok if it is not an obstacle.

  4. I cry when it comes naturally… it brings out the balance of the feminine energy in me… the problem is most humans are not spiritual enough… if we were all spiritual enough we wouldn’t need to debate the masculine energy because there would be balance with in everyone. Tame that beast ego and live through your heart consciousness!
    Love to you all!

    Love, A Light, Red Ruddy

  5. Though crying comes with a feeling of deep sadness, it also makes me happy because while crying I‘m able to feel myself and express myself authentically while usually I‘m numb.

  6. love how she understands men more than we know ourselves. And without finger pointing or judgment.

  7. I enjoy crying most of the time. Getting upset doesn’t generally result in me crying.

  8. i heard this mom in the grocery store tell her son “you’re suppose to be a big boy” responding to his crying. telling him to not cry

  9. 😆you’ll have to do something about it no? Something like awareness or communication or anything really

  10. I was a crybaby when I was a kid, and at times my dad would say “enough!” and so I would stop. I thus learned to stop crying because it upset him. However, it was primialry other women who made that linger on. In that I mean, I didn’t’ care what some dude thought of me, whether I was crying or not. I’m a straight male, I care about what women think of me, not men. And women are just as equally turned off by men crying as men are. But it’s harder to deal with a women being turned off by me crying because I actually care about what they think. Feminists and such have this all upside-down. It’s not men telling other men not to cry. It’s society as a whole telling men not to cry, and with men it may be more vocal such as “don’t cry!” but with women it’s more based on their actions (or inactions).

    • Why do you think you had a tendency to cry more often than not when you were a child? Was there something that was bothering you?

    • @Tatyana K I just cried a lot. Maybe I didn’t cry more than others. I don’t know. I just remember crying a lot. I was quite sensitive.

    • @William Koscielniak It’s possible that you felt unsafe, or not given enough attention, or something else happening… And when your dad told you to stop crying, you felt Invalidated and unsafe to express how you feel. Crying is the easiest language for a child to use, especially when they don’t know how to put what they feel in words.

    • I guess if a man started crying loudly because his phone broke or every negative thing happened he cried I would be weirded out. If he cried over tragedy, his child’s birth, the woman he loves walking down the aisle, crying over a colossal f up, I get it. I like that men aren’t whiny and can move on. It tends to balance out me who is sensitive.

  11. a rational aware person (man or woman) should always be attuned with the context he’s in, and act accordingly.
    rigidness in emotions is never a good thing.
    I also wanna point out that it is humans’ duty to make the world a safer place for women, and therefore make them less dependent on men.

  12. Then there are the Women that cry over every little thing. I think the context also matters there, irregardless of gender right ?

  13. I was culturally taught that men should not cry in public but in private to be more masculine, look put together as the leaders and not make the women and children feel vulnerable.

    Culturally if a man cries it means all hope is lost in society in my culture because of the strength he is expected to represent yet men are just human too.

    I was accustomed to never see men in my family cry except at funerals. I was never really bothered by men crying but it depends on the context usually meaning the life event like wedding or child birth etc and this was my own selfish way of how I defined and received masculinity and felt “protected”. My boyfriend cried in public sitting with me at a restaurant as he held my hand to tell me how much he loves me. We are married now and he is the most masculine, loving, protective, wise and balanced man I know better than any other experience from other men who would act mean and suppress their feelings which I could easily see was because of their trauma not to appear weak or be ridiculed and called “simps” which is the fault of society as a whole.

  14. When a man is properly provoked, you’ll see his masculine energy, no matter how sensitive he is.

  15. I have been hearing Teal for 3 years now. I have hear the attacks she has received from haters. I have been studying everything she exposes and, I can rightfully say that, she is by far the most wise being in modern world when it comes to the relations of the soul.. Never, ever takes sides on either gender when is about men-women relations,, nor undermines neither, while, at same time, she REALLY GIVES a direction, a practical way to walk the precarious paths of relations to both. My first coment ever, and probably the last, but deeply thankful for her existence in this transitory realm. 🙏

  16. Teal why are you not doing interviews with people anymore? I need those back…You should link up with Truth Seekah

  17. Off topic but hearing Teal say “hella” was something I didn’t know I needed😂

  18. Men get this message early on:

    You can be vulnerable, or you can be laid.

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