Timeless Stories For a Higher Wisdom (Volume 3)

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If you're one of those super cool wisdom-seeking master-students on the quest for a higher consciousness, this special collection of Timeless Stories will bring truth, love, and authenticity into your reality! Let's face it, there's a reason so many ancient mystics taught in fables and parables!

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  1. Whoever is reading will be successful one day and make their parents proud😊

  2. The Buddha was a true master with similes… they are still also vivid, 2600 years later and perfectly deliver the intended meaning

  3. The one with the long spoons,
    I was thinking, Why not help each other eat. 😂 I’m glad I was right.

  4. We are immortal, non-physical beings having a temporary human experience in a “virtual reality”, and the purpose of life is to increase the quality of our consciousness, while lowering our entropy, through learning and evolving by making good and bad choices. This physical world is not absolutely deterministic, as that would essentially take away our free will and therefore potential to learn and evolve through making good and bad choices.

    • @Jamie Young can’t prove intuition in the waking state unless writing some bs like the bible and calling it the word of god

  5. Nice 1.1mil subs…I remember 4 years ago when it was only 200k.

  6. looove the disconnected heads…..totally wonderful!thank you!

    • @3T3RNAL SOUL I’m beyond the desire for that. Somebody hasn’t awakened and that is you

  7. You need to do better on your animation and stop making everything so “perky”. Please I can see what you’re doing

  8. I listen to these stories while I work from home. Awesome thinking tools

  9. Love, respect and gratitude. The truth set me free. Thank you for helping. Good content. Upping vibration to happy and unlimited possibilities for wellbeing and success. Unconditional love respect and gratitude #Briansmithenergy #weareguildford #unconditional #wellbeing

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