Thoth and the Emerald Tablets

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Thoth, was a great teacher whose teachings spanned the course of tens of thousands of years as he inhabited different bodies; taking on different names. Billy Carson reveals the secrets of his teachings from the Emerald Tablets.

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  1. Thoths most definitely sending me signs. In the tablets he said he would, and 30 seconds before I got this notification I just finished reading a chapter of the Emerald Tablets for the first time in a while. Out of all the topics Gaia covers it just so happens that they cover this one out of the hundreds they could’ve chosen. Wow👽🛸

  2. They speak through me I have written such profound things lately

  3. Gracias. This is the kind of exoteric info I don’t get at Church.

    • Church comes from the Anglo-Saxon root word “circe,” and stems from the Greek name of the goddess “Circe,” the daughter of “Helios,” the Roman Sun-god adopted from Greek mythology.
      SUR-see , AKA: Kirke
      “Circe then appeared and invited Odysseus’s men inside to dine and drink. Everyone accepted the invitation except Eurylochus, who was suspicious. After eating Circe’s enchanted food, the men all turned into pigs.”

  4. Namaste🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️☀️

    💰☀️I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY☀️

    • Awe…… That’s very sweet. THANK YOU. May you receive the same in return.

  5. You are telling information I received in a vision around a year ago. That spaceship is DNA activated.

  6. Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative trolls with mind power!!

  7. Gaia is so worth the yearly subscription, i have learnt so much about energy, quantum physics, consciousness and Akashic Record.

  8. WOW! 3 years ago, I had a dream i was flying spaceships with my mind. Not long after that, I had a strange dream in which people were almost walled in a room, tied to a chair with a Spiderman like rope. I came face to face with a dark haired male with weird eyes. Eyes looked ‘spidery’. The only god I’d ever heard of that was spider like was Anansi. I resonate more with Egyptian gods, so I googled,’ Egyptian god equivalent to Anansi. That is when I found Thoth. He never spoke. It seemed telepathic. He seemed surprised and curious about me.

  9. Billy Carson is the man. Full of information gems and ancient truths. I’m always fascinated with the topics he talks about. 🙏🏼🤯

  10. I wish they would have had these kinds of interviews when I was subscribed

  11. In tablets Thoth wrote about ethernal life and the way to get it, he described it verry well. Imagine living for hundred of years. Just read you cant lose anything, but can get evrything. Free PDF on net on almost all langues

  12. Also on the same mountain peak once a year the shadow of the mountain it’s casted as a piramid!

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