This Story Will Help You Activate Your Hidden Potential (The Story of Spindletop)

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This Story Will Help You Activate Your Hidden Potential (The Story of Spindletop) – Zig Ziglar's Life Changing Inspirational Story
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Zig Ziglar shares the true story of a Texas landowner who was struggling to support his family. A drought and a recession pushed him to his wits end searching for solutions when he was approached by an oil company. They informed him that there might be oil on his land and offered to pay him royalties for permission to drill. With nothing to lose, the landowner agreed.

In those days, oil derricks were built of wood and when you hit a gusher, the force of it would destroy part of the oil derrick. Well, when this gusher came in it destroyed the entire derrick. The drilling was a success as the oil company discovered “Spindletop,” the most productive single oil well in history!

The landowner went from being a pauper to an instant multimillionaire—or did he? Actually the answer is “no.”

“A lot of people have an awful lot underneath the surface, but until they bring it to the marketplace, they'll never realize the full benefit of what they have."
― Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012)

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Hilary Hinton "Zig" Ziglar was a legendary American author, salesman, and motivational speaker. America’s most influential and beloved encourager and believer that everyone could have, do and be more. He reached and influenced an estimated 250 million people with his 33 books, innumerable videos and recordings, and many live presentations to auditoriums filled with tens of thousands. His best selling book, See You at the Top, has sold over 1,707,000 copies and is a mainstay for anyone desiring personal success.

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  1. To the person reading this you are the light that radiates a continuous flame even on the days when you can’t see it’s spark. You are the love that grows powerfully as you learn and open up to new strange feelings and ideas. Have faith, be strong, be sweet. You are love WE are ALL ONE 🙏🏾
    ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜

    • Amen amen! I receive this and I ask your blessing be doubled from this day forward, amen.

  2. We all have everything that is needed to succeed, all takes is the belief that we have it in us 🙏

  3. These only way you will find your special talent is to keep on working completely hard enough that you will somehow someway somewhere somewhat get your super special talent that God blessed you over to used it to help others to search for there secret potential also.

  4. I am always motivated to not take holiday by Elon Musk’s 14 days off in 10 years
    And he motivates me always
    Happy 50th Birthday to the real life iron man, Nikola Tesla of this century
    “Failure is an option here if things are not failing you aren’t innovating enough” – Elon Musk
    He teaches the most to chase our dreams he’s the man who sold his last remaining house to fulfil his dream for the humanity
    He taught me that “he never loose either he win or he learns”
    He taught that it’s not important to study or read at best school or anything you could be best if you want
    🙏🙏🙏 We all should salute to him for all his efforts

  5. This is hands down the most valuable channel on Facebook! Thank you! I needed this on a Monday morning.

    • ❤MotivationHub

      ❤Brendon 😊 Burchard❤

      ❤Lion Of Judah

      ❤Grace For Purpose

  6. *Start thinking positive and being thankful for what you already have, slowly but surely your life will change for the better* 🙏

  7. There are opportunities all around us, we just have to open our eyes and look for them!

  8. “You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”

  9. *Losers stop when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed!!*

  10. “When I’m at home I really am at home. But when I’m on the job I’m really on the job.”

    I see this theme across almost successful people. They work like no one else has worked before. But when they are with their family, they give them their all.

    With love, Visual Venture ❤️

  11. Dear lovely person that’s reading this, we may not know each other but I wish you all the best in life! ✨  
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

  12. “In order for you to manifest your dreams you need to be the first one that believes in you.”

  13. “The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

    ~ Unknown ~

  14. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and see a lot of traders earning massively and then, I start to wonder what I could possibly be doing wrong because I’ve been trading for couple of months and every trading attempt, seems to be red. I have never seen a green any day,it is very frustrating seeing loses without any profit, so I decided to work a little bit more on my self, and then open a demo account, do my analysis, then the opposite of what I will normally take and get the same result. I’m starting to feel hopeless, any advice from here.

    • I would advise you to get a mentor. And also try incorporating the use oscillator, Bollinger and pivot point in to your strategy. And most importantly move to higher tfs.

    • @Deborah Tyler You are right I do not lose money every single trade, but my main issues is trying to make my runner run up. Very rarely do I catch big movie, instead they go few pipes in my direction. Then go against me even when I try holding them. Also my entries would definitely need a lot of improvement.
      A mentor be a great idea but getting one isn’t as easy as it seems. Sorry if I may ask do you know any genuine one?

    • @Queen Pascal I know one lady, though she is not really a mentor but she is amazing at trading. She used to work for a proprietary firm till she retired. She has been helping me for a long time now, an I have been make $450 bi-weekly, what am trying to say is 5% of traders in the world that are consistently profitable are not on YouTube, there are just random low key people no one even expect. Her name is Regina peters

    • @Deborah Tyler This is interesting I heard certain things about this Regina peters you speak about and her amazing strategy honestly, does she accept beginners?

    • @Richard David Ohh that is great you can reach her Via telegram @investwithreginapeters

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