This is WHY you’re not hearing your angels – MUST WATCH! Michael Sandler

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Today marks my Birthday, Celebrating the day I died and was reborn 15 years ago.

In this episode you’ll hear a little bit more about my cycling accident 15 years ago that could have been one leg movement away from my life ending for good. Instead, that day I was reborn as a new Michael.

A Michael filled with LOVE, PRESENCE and CONNECTION to MY ANGELS.

The truth is we ALL have our own angels guiding us, talking to us and helping us, it’s a matter of knowing how to connect with them to attune to their guidance.

Tune in and learn the steps on how you too can connect with your ANGELS, your inner GOD, Vibrate HIGHER, LOVE MORE and Unleash your INNER ANGEL.

This Video will leave you AWOKEN. THE Moment I was reborn, I was born with an angel.

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  1. I’m getting everything done so I can just relax and watch this episode!! Thanks jessica & Michael

  2. That’s an incredible coincidence, it’s my 15th birthday, too, Michael, when I died and came back again, what a gift, and I was just listening to something about signs from angels and finding wings, and you tuned in Michael woohoo, big hug to you and sweet Jessica

  3. Thank you both for a great video. Blessings and thanks for sharing Roo Roo

  4. Just cried doing the meditation….can’t wait for my Awe to arrive, Amazon tells me its currently winging it’s way to me and can’t wait to receive it and get started….love you guys so, so much……keep shining bright……Woo-hoo!!!!😁🙏🏻✨

    • Glad that it touched you Sarah. We are so happy to hear you’ll be starting the AWE journey, woohoo!!

  5. I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past few days, feeling alone and heavy, and just so not liking myself (to put it mildly!). So I sent a request to the Angels to guide me toward where I need to go…and I started watching this, and purchased AWE and as I was both skimming and watching, I happened to read “woo hoo” in the book just as you Said it! I’m meant to be here! And that meditation was so powerful, thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 I'm So infinitely grateful! <3 <3 <3

    • This was the perfect video for you to see! You are being guided to love yourself up! So, excited that you will be starting your magical journey with AWE, angelasfern. Much love to you!

  6. You could have a mini trailer set up so that Roo Roo can go with you on bicycle rides. I saw someone in the last couple of weeks who had a trailer for their dog. Maybe look at cycle shopping baskets as well.

  7. OMG, I am amazed at the connection you have with RooRoo! What a healing gift animals can be when loved, cared, and nurtured for just as we all long to be! I truly believe he was connecting to the words and emotions that you were conveying during the meditation. Thanks for shining your beautifully unique love light into the world, Michael! 🐓😇💜💫✨🌟

    • They truly do have such gifts, animals can teach us so much. And he absolutely connects with the words and emotions, he is a special boy! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  8. I am confused, a few months ago, maybe a little more, when you interviewed Kyle Gray you told him you cannot see or hear the Angels only through automatic writing, suddenly now you can and channel, which I can since I was 4 years young , so I hope this video explains this….about you.

    • No, you didn’t explain yourself. You are holding Roo-Roo, because you were told he should have his own show. by someone recently you interviewed and wa-la. If anyone is interested in excellent training in communication with those over the veil, such as Angel’s, Archangel’s, so many others you desire, your pets and loved ones I suggest Suzanne Giesemann.

  9. I bought the book but I am not understanding where this is leading to, I will reread it but I need to try the exercises see where it leads, is the book just a complement to the course

  10. Just as I was saying I don’t understand where awe is taking me I got 333 on my phone

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