This is Why Humanity is Fixated on Mars

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Why does humanity have such a fixation with Mars? Something lurks deep within out collective memory which spurs our millennia-long obsession with the red planet.

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  1. Thunderbolts Project ⚡⚡⚡
    One of the most fascinating science channels on youtube with the most compelling alternative theory about our planet’s history..

    • Also Suspicious Observers is an important resource for ongoing and future Earth changes!


  3. A dark species such as human do deserve to live on Mars I hope a better civilization inherit this blue beautiful planet since humans are all under attack the grass is greener syndromes

  4. Maybe we were once Martians. I mean after supposedly evolving here for millions of years why do we still squint in the sunshine and our skin burns???

    • Because its really bright and hot. Doubt we’ll ever evolve into being fire proof.

    • @Ali N
      The sun isn’t as young as it used to be and is only getting older and cooler.

    • @Just Jeff yeah but it’ll still last way longer then any living being on earth right now so it makes no difference…

  5. It’s the next planet away from the sun.this one is getting to hot!!! Imo

  6. An eminent specialist that I forgot the name, says on science channel tv, that a part of his job was to analyze the mars atmosphere. He found out that the signature of the zenon could only be explained by a massive nuclear explosion.
    Quiet Disturbing.

  7. 本気にして見ていません。

  8. CM:今の生活を考えている。

  9. since i have the subscription including the live events, my life has change, and i have a very diverse table topics for my friends and family gatherings.
    Thank you for creating amazing content

  10. If there came material from mars.. all we are walking on must be mars stone…

  11. Found this channel via dr.Steven Greer, have a lot of watching to do!

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