This Is What Happens When You SYNCHRONIZE Your Chakras

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Dr. Joe Dispenza brings together his many years of research into the brain and human biology to present the latest findings on what is humanly possible for creating massive transformation in our lives.

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  1. Ps- you can call them gods, aliens, but my Lord called them Angels and that’s exactly what they are! Read the book of Enoch the truth is there!
    Pss- we are in the days of Noah! Just saying 💯

  2. I didn’t knew there were types of meditation, sometimes i was focusing on something, the others i wasn’t focusing to anything. when I’m meditating I feel my body moves a bit and my head feels funny I’m not sure if im doing it right or not pls tell me

  3. 7chakra meditation is great to activate those 7 energy centres. Chanting those specific mantra from all specific 7 centres….with specific colours of their own.

  4. So you guys are able to change your chemistry on demand !
    Not only that you can change your whole existence the potential outcome exist somewhere you just have to choose what you co-creat with

    • @Hunter Kudo it is proven we can change our brain waves multiple studies have been done, you can even use binaural beats to help achieve different brain wave activity.

    • @Hunter Kudo I think you first have to accept your limitations within the physical body
      But we still are not 100% sure about what reality really is maybe it’s interchangeable maybe it’s evolving based on our beliefs
      I believe we project the reality we live in and I mean here collectively not individually although individuality is key just like the man you’ve watched mins ago
      I wish you healing and ascension ❤️

    • @Aows Naimi maybe man. I say first get that money, and then this stuff will come after.

  5. Spiritual leaders all over the world utilize this with the direction of God. Only those who are wise enough can exhibit the faith to give them purpose in life. Science is breaking the walls of discord with religion. Only the wise will listen. Only those who know God will understand 🙏 💯

  6. Wisdom Is Stronger Then Knowledge Many People Know But Not Everyone Can Understand.

  7. I Have Tourette Syndrome We Were Born With A Natural Different Wave Length Through The Nervous System. It Is A Tug A War An Our Dreams Are Super Super Vivid An It’s Every Night. It’s Holy

  8. I swear whoever designed chakras did it to hold us back and suppress our true potential because this is too much lol only a few people will get to do this, chakras are spiritual locks to keep us in our place

    • Reverse your view , for better results .
      Any hold back is each individuals perogitive . All of us have the ability to Spirituals advance , it does take practice , yet is worth it in the end – about 10 years ago my energy looped back on itself – “Ankhed” – , and life has been better – connections with other life forms has occurred and still does , and my body is now sensitive to weather about 2-3 days out for summer and down to an hour , Winter , it’s finer tuned to the micro changes that come with winter storms etc .
      Keep practicing , the effort will be worth it .
      Namaste 🙏❤️

  9. It’s so hard to get my brain into a different brainwave pattern….. I’m so analytical! For example when I am outside in nature I can see the energy in trees (it’s so cool, like like gel-type waves). I need to see things and then I can change my focus. When my eyes are closed it’s very hard to feel and sense what Joe asks us to feel. Any advice??

    • Practice .
      It pays off in the long run , as I’ve found – no teachers involved , just practicing the knowledge gained – it led to my energy being “Ankhed” , or looping back to connect with itself . No- one was within 200 feet of me when this happened , since then , wildlife is less fearfully of myself and stay longer before flying a short distance , or following along with me on bush tracks – most likely for the insects my passing disturb , Fish don’t swim off when I’m walking thru seaside waters & I’m sensitive to incoming weather bringing rain , or come winter the micro changes that occur in those winds & rains .
      Even the free flowing streams , I know which are safe to drink from & in that , helping my immune system , via the contents of the water – like most baby’s and toddlers , if on grass etc , will taste test most anything , as it helps educating their immune systems to function to the best it can .
      Namaste 🙏

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