THIS is the True Goal of Occult Magick

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Is the occult full of shadowy figures conjuring dark forces with malicious intent? Or could it be benevolent spiritual practices teaching the deeper secrets of human potential that have been hidden from public view for far too long? Get a microdose of what is going on beyond the shroud of secrecy as we explore the history, misinformation, and the true goal of magick & the occult.

Enlightened Magick with Jason Louv –
Runes for Transformation with Kaedrich Olsen –
The Art of Witch with Fiona Horne –
Everyday Magic with Mitch Horowitz –

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  1. Some aren’t able to comment on the subject at hand and will continue to live their lives. As above so below

  2. The Occult and all the spiritual teachings in the world originated from the Original 5 Elements concept, the lost wisdom from Atlantis. If you want to know more be my guest 🙏

    • Yes, If you want to start learning magick, begin with understanding the 5 elements!

  3. I can say I’ve had Gaia going on five years now and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend it for anyone who is seeking truth and wants to find their real self. Everything from yoga, spiritual insight, meditation, UFO, and much much more

    • Thank you so much for 5+ years of support! It’s members like you that drive our mission and vision to empower the evolution of consciousness.

  4. False: The Occult practices are not the benign practices of magick. The occult is specifically calling upon a negative being for power.

  5. I think that the church many years ago defined the word witch and it’s sad because some people still have a negative stereotype against this word and people that do any type of spiritual work. And the church killed many innocent people! There are so many words now! Healer, light worker, psychic, tarot reader etc! I’m a reiki healer and I also consider myself a light worker. I’m intuitive as well as an empath and my words can heal people as well. I am so glad now that god has sent so many lightworkers and spiritual people that are here on earth at this present moment! Maybe now people will start realizing it’s just to help raise the vibration not to be feared!

  6. Here’s an easy guide:
    Witchcraft is when someone is born with the power to change the world around them. It’s natural.
    The occult is when someone calls upon dark forces to change the world around them or give them power.
    Paganism is when someone calls upon good or dark deities to make changes to the world around them or give them power.

  7. Overindulged middle-class westerners at best, westerners are not doing so well, our past is being rewritten as we watch looks like a more primitive magick is more feisty.

  8. The interviewed guy at 5:35 doesn’t know what he’s talking about either. The LAW was specifically designed to keep people safe, one of the central tenets was do what you will but cause no harm for it will come back to you three fold. This law of attraction from a person’s intentions/actions against another or others is the foundation of Wicca today, he made that possible so that witches wouldn’t cause harm to other people. It was a measure of restriction to protect the witch and the targets from harm. If you curse someone you will be cursed yourself.

  9. This is utter nonsense the people who did research for this show have no clue what they are talking about. How can you study the occult and miss everything including the central law?! or the basic differences between the crafts?!

  10. Depends if person works with Evil or Good. A lot of evil passed into world because of many greedy and evil people wanting to destroy it. If you use magic, use it for good. It is really just energy work. Blessed be. 🙂

  11. There’s no problem with astrology, Tarot, Palmistry or any other psychic tool or divination systems. But, some of the people (definitely one in particular) in this piece, is an admitted satanists. Not sure if the whole ,’Satanism is not neutral’ is catching on, no matter how folks want to dress it up. Satanism isn’t misrepresented or misunderstood. The skepticism regarding it is well placed. Crowley, Lovecraft, Blavatsky & others misled a lot of folks.

  12. I love Gaia, but this time you missed the point on this subject. Actually you made this politically correct and it deserves more digging into the reality of it! Maybe next time ?!

  13. My mother was into witchcraft in her younger years and she had no love for us in our childhood. I denounce witchcraft because of that reason. People should beware before going into witchcraft.

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