This is One Possible Explanation for Extraterrestrial Visitation

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We have explored the world With Erich von Däniken, uncovering ancient tales and monuments dedicated to preserving the memory of a time when the gods roamed the Earth. We have come to know them as an extraterrestrial species occupying the physical realm. But what was the rationale of an advanced civilization visiting Earth in a time before civilizations arose? Perhaps our universe has the propensity to sprout life in the most unlikely of places, but the spread of intelligence may rely upon the intentional actions of a very old and benevolent species which has returned.

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    • @Joe James this is a good point! Seems to be humans instincts to dig for pretty rocks.. for what? To wear on our bodys to attract mates. To show wealth. even today Rap artist wear gold chains and put diamonds in their teeth! At the end of the day… you just have a bunch of rocks and metal.. only as valuable as other dumb humans are willing to pay!

    • Nice primitive fearful thinking, this is why they don’t visit us

    • @01K02K95K nah they just gonna teleport the stuff, they don’t need to use force

    • @Sahil Rawat yep they just saw my primitive comment here and turned the ship around. Abort mission.

  1. Thank you, Erich. Stargate technology fascinates me the most in this regard. 🌎🌏🌍🌌🚀🛸👽

  2. There is no good or bad. There is only rational. Do what should be done. Thats what they are

    • “There is only rational. Do what should be done” – is expectation. Self…is, what is. Just be. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, rational or irrational – there just is. You just are without expectation.

  3. Thank you for sharing …hope you are keeping well ..much love ❣🇨🇦

  4. I’m just wondering if these ET races have some sort of technology which will enable them to detect ‘life’, while travelling great distances and speeds beyond light speed . It doesn’t make sense to travel from star to star , etc..

  5. Namaste🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️

    💰☀️I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY☀️

  6. Mans mind is corrupted by his own wickedness. We can’t imagine a species more intelligent than us that will not succumb to evil

  7. They are hear to help in this time In need and I thank them from the bottom of my soul thank you pls don’t fear them 🙏❤

    • Because they’re hiding something or something’s. You’re absolutely correct they’ve earned our suspicion.

  8. Are you talking about the beings that came down kidnapping men ,animals and women.
    doing experiments ….Impregnating women with hybread children, against their will …..Sure Sounds Like Good Guys 🤣
    or maybe (Nephilum)

    • have you heard the theory that the human governments made a deal with the aliens? the governments would “allow” the aliens to abduct a portion of the population in exchange for off world tech.

  9. Lol.
    Humans have enslaved, exploited, eaten each other and other animals, etc. Nothing stopping ET from doing the same to each other and us, who would be no more than pets and farm animals to some.

    If what many cultures (including in the Hebrew bible and Sanskrit scriptures) describe is anything to go by, these ‘gods’, ‘angels’, ‘demons’, ‘asuras’, ‘devas’, ‘adityas’, ‘daityas’, etc have constantly fought each other, demanded worship and absolute obedience, blood of animals, human sacrifice, wars between nations, etc., so, what are you guys talking about?

    Sabaoth just means ‘armies’ in Hebrew. YHWH Sabaoth translates as ‘Lord of armies’. There are so many passages in the Hebrew Bible describing YHWH as a ‘man of war’ like Exodus 15:3. They actually instigate so many wars between Israel and other nations.

    They caused fire and brimstone to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, caused a flood to destroy every human but one family. They promised to return in the end times to unleash terrible plagues and cataclysms that wipe out majority of humans, lead a final war on earth between ‘good and evil’ (try defining those) to destroy most of mankind as we form alliances with other ETs to mount some resistance.

    It is the same in just about every cultural mythology.

    Who is eagerly looking forward to those events? Evangelicals maybe.

    Which ET could you trust? None probably

    • I bet the dumb dinosaur thought that aliens were going to help them out to
      Earth’s nature Show’s it will never ever works like they Hoping Ailens will with mankind a vary longshot at bet

  10. Well said Erick!! They ‘re Hear to Observe Us and Interact With Us circumventing Governments!! I.e. Steven Greer and many more!!( Soul)

  11. I completely agree any being with even slight intelligence could only be benevolent yet the primitives are aggressive and dangerous.

  12. Advanced tech yes but also their planetary system may hold different types of elements or minerals to help them move through space differently to us

  13. The Gods wanted a specific kind of being. To slave. When we was given conciousness, they stopped trying and let us live as we are. They realized we were a great species and I think we turned out to amaze them. But at the same time they had to stop what they were doing on earth because we wouldn’t be slaved out. One god out of them all seen the greatness in his creation.
    I thank him for free will but I hate the EVIL part of humans!
    I think also, if the E.T.’s wanted us as dinner or to destroy us…. they would!
    They are curious and nervous about the corruption on this planet.
    I think we wasn’t meant to rule one another.
    The Romen Empire seen the power they had and used it to control the world. The PAPACY is evil and I can’t believe that half the world bow to the Pope????
    The bible speaks about false idols, well the Pope is the VERY definition of just that.
    Wake up people. The man sits in front of a statue of BA’AL. Yet you still bow to him. Catholic beliefs are PAGAN. The belief in them IS the mark of the beast. When the world is forced to believe in the catholic religion. Just like when they slaughtered MILLIONS for the same reason. Almost all presidents are catholic or just as bad evangelicals.
    Churches now a days are about the pay day. Open up your YouTube and read the words of Enoch. The one book EVERY man and woman should read. Before you read the NEW TESTAMENT. Which by the way was written by pagans. Rome screwed the whole world till they all had to answer to the POPE.

  14. that’s a big reach to say there harmless, not all creatures will be nice look at us !!!!

  15. Yeah what if they just enslaved the early civilizations of humans to teach them the value of work? Or show them the potential they have building the pyramids and such you know just to get the ball rolling

  16. I had an idea, the other day … a possible new angle on the Alien agenda:

    I’m an alien, and I travel near Lightspeed in my UFO … So, I travel 100 light-years to Earth.
    Due to time-dilation, that takes me a week, while a hundred years goes past, in the rest of the universe.
    I go back and forth between my home, and Earth, visiting every 200 years in Earth-time, every 14 days in my time.

    … Would explain why aliens have no interest in talking to Earthlings. We simply won’t be here next visit.
    … Would explain why UFOs seem to be identical over human history.
    … Would support the idea of “Gods returning” thousands of years later.
    … Also hints at why we don’t see any large civilizations out there; Being away hundreds of years at a time, requires a home-base hard to find (and raid) while you are gone. You will build extremely stealthy and durable. Plus, there are zero activity almost all the time.
    … etc. etc.

    Think about that … the entire universe becomes something like a computer game to aliens, as they can always escape any consequences of their actions, by traveling forward in time.
    They can conduct millennia long experiments … guided evolution even … in “real time” for them.

    A very, very different experience of life and reality indeed.

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