This Is How To Transcend the Body with Meditation

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Dr. Joe Dispenza offers a new scientific view of meditation as a means for transcending the body, environment and time, to reach the sweet spot of being in the present moment. We may not be fully aware of the things we think and feel every day. But they control everything we do and experience. When we move into meditation, the veil between the conscious and subconscious minds drops, allowing us to become aware of our automatic thoughts and behaviors, enabling change.

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  1. One thing helped me controlling your mind was something I heard from a monk on social media, he said as soon as you start the negative thinking or thought, recognize that you are aware of it, and then suppress it back and focus on the moment. As an over thinker it helped me.

  2. This is not how to transcend the body. In fact, Meditation was NEVER about transcending the body. This is Meditation extremely simplified and amped up with science. Mediation is not about science either.
    That ‘beginning to know thyself’ comment also made me grin.
    ‘Observing your thoughts’ is only equivalent to ‘starting to tweak the knob of the door that leads to thyself’.
    Knowing thyself is a way deeper rabbit hole as it came across and involves knowing and feeling the body and mind ENTIRLY, not to transcend it. It comes with the realization that you re neither of those and thus can only be spirit. The spirit (=observer) is independent.
    My point is the title should be changed to whatever it says on top in the video.
    Pls Gaia do not cast a poor light onto meditation. If you’re really serious about your ancient aliens content then pls be it about the essential stuff as well.

    • To transcend means to go beyond. When you realize you are not only a mind and a body in a real sense you have transcended them. It doesn’t mean you have stopped having a mind or a body but the awareness has elevated and expanded to the point where the Unified Self or Big Self is experienced. I would call that transcending the body and mind. You have gone beyond experiencing yourself as only a body and a mind to experience more of yourself or even the totality of who you are which is God – God is the non-individuated ultimate reality.

      We are always a being that is spirit, body and mind. Those 3 aspects of our self always exist either in a dis-integrated state or in a fully integrated state. We are microcosmic expressions of God and God is spirit, mind and body. Those are 3 aspects of God’s being. You could also say that the mind and body are a part of the spirit’s being.

    • @Brian Littrell I agree. I guess I were caught up with the different meanings words can produce.

  3. I like how you explain this. I totally relate to this mindset. I am getting better at it thanks to vids like this, so Thank-you.

  4. The are thousands of ways in meditation. Some may observe the thoughts, recite Om, a mantra (such as TM) or name of God, deity or Buddha or bodhisaatva, observe the nose tip, the in out breath or third eye ie at the forehead above the eyelashes, or imagine the “Dan tin” a point about 2 inches below the navel, or the middle axis of the body trunk near the heart. Some may inquire Who or what am I? 9realization of the Self). Some Tantric practitioners may follow a “script” visualising the merger of God, Deity or spiritual guide with the Self and then abide on such feeling or rest the whole body self in emptiness. One common feature to may ways is to relax the whole being and eventually “attain” or resume our natural state of Sat Chit Ananda as Indian gurus taught. The way that works for you, that helps attain peace tranquility and harmony of the mind body and with the universe will be a good way. Thanks for Dr. Dispenza guiding a brilliant way out of his own practise too!

  5. It has been said that when we use our human consciousness of the 5 sense organ functions or the mind to fixate on any object such as image, form or sound, we cannot transcend (or get rid of control of) our karma (genetic or footprint cast by all our every act, word or thought), samsara or innate conditioning accumulated through many lives up to the Me right now. One meditation as taught by Ramana Maharshi and Poona, and adopted by Rupert Spira and Elkhart Tolle is being aware of being awareness (or aware of your awareness) without any physical or mental image or object of the mind. Much like 2 parallel mirrors self reflecting each other. This way the mind is not focused or fixated on anything with our Being (which is That consciousness) abiding on the here and now. We are the universe.

  6. Anyone in the comments ever actually ‘transcend’? I didn’t think so. Next video.

  7. This is very helpful saying that meditation is retraining and re wiring your thoughts, that’s why it’s so hard! But well worthy effort❣ My favourite easy way to meditate while working is to garden.⚘🌷🌼🌻🌺🥀🌹🏵💮🌸💐 When you are gardening you are able to block everything else out of the universe and practice mindfulness and be in the hear and now. Walking 🦶barefoot it is the ultimate way to get grounded while you are gardening. Digging in the dirt with your hands automatically grounds you. So does listening to the birds sing, Feeling the wind on your skin feeling the warm sunshine on your face, planting a flower, watching it grow. And finally, enjoying the beautiful bloom and knowing that you helped in its journey to shine! To be chosen as the one bloom to be photographed, to be posted on social media so 100s of people Will also enjoy the memory and beauty of the short life of this Bloom which lasted only one day.
    As long as someone remembers you is looking at a picture of you or thinking about you your spirit remains alive.
    Together with the use of photography, Gardening can be enhanced to next level by making pictures📸 every day of the most beautiful blooms🌺 and then posting them for everyone to enjoy. It’s relaxing, gratifying, fun And allows you to express your creativity both in the planting of flowers and by photographing them. Other people in joy looking at your efforts and expression of beauty. I have created a Facebook group called Blooms Where I post my flowers and other people do as well and we can enjoy each other’s creativity and zee pressing of beauty. You can get other people interested in gardening and beautifying their yard it’s a nice hobby it’s a nice way to meet your neighbours and when you are helping others to garden in their yards, You are helping Others to feel better thereby you are also helping yourself knowing you enrich the life of someone else by your words, behavior or actions.🙂

  8. I know someone who can use their third eye, since the age of four, the knowledge he has is unbelievable, things he can find out impossible and incredible….

    • Wow. That’s incredible. I wish if you can connect me with the person. Sharing is like caring 🤝

  9. What about people like me, who are completely unable to reach a meditative state???

    • haha Im a walking meditation. I just think of the now and things come to me. Otherwise I just fall asleep. haha

  10. Buddhists say it takes 13-30 years of constant meditation to become a rainbow body and of course open your third eye.

  11. POV: You’re easily manipulated into believing someone spewing nonsense to steal your money😳

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