THIS is How to Connect with Galactic Energies

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Theresa Bullard explains that our next evolutionary steps, as humans, comes through consciousness and technology in the place where science and metaphysics truly meet. In order to do this, we must first accept that our true self is beyond the physical. Then we can move beyond an Earth-centric point of view, with a bigger picture of reality, and take our place as galactic beings.

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  1. Timelines are like ripples in a lake , like when someone throws a stone in water you get’s learning to jump from ripple to ripple in effect is jumping time lines .. quantum leap

    • So how do you jump from ripple to ripple? Meditate? Visualizing a different reality in your mind? Build a time machine?

    • @Brian Littrell I don’t know tbh’s something Albert Einstein said ..and it’s always resonated with me ..often think about it myself.. how would you jump a ripple in time ..🤯

    • @Jo Jo When you talked about timelines it reminded me of Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch where they talk about timelines, what happens to us after we die, the different levels of the mind and other stuff.

  2. Why don’t you guys have Dan Winter on your platform yet?????? The implosion wave physics that man has discovered can literally save the world!!!!


  4. Your calculations are all from our point of view. There is no calculated ways of other dimensions or the consciousness of everything else,although it’s great your contemplating it.

  5. When she says; “ona Global scale!” It would also seem she is saying, by a one world government, just like the DS wants!

  6. I totally agree with her, when we become a unity we will be ready to evolve our minds to accept other beings from other planets and evolve our minds and species


  8. Its mind blowing to imagine a planet with intelligent life on it that is a million or perhaps a billion years older than earth.😲 The technological advancements they could have would probably be limitless. Look how far humans have came in less than 200 years.

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