This Happens In The Unseen World – David Lynch on Inspiring Ideas

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Renowned Director and Creative, David Lynch, on Inspiring Ideas, Film, and Creativity

“Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. They’re huge and abstract. And they’re very beautiful.”
– David Lynch

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Speaker: David Lynch
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2006 talk at the Majestic Theatre, Boston
Various David Lynch interviews

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  1. Everything in the physical plane is a representative of what’s happening in the mental an Spiritual planes

  2. I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY💰☀️.

  3. I have an idea to watch the sunset this evening 🤗

  4. I feel and talk like this guy at 6:30 am taking a 💩 with coffee in hand

  5. Allow your heart the space it needs to manifest your highest desires into existence. When you really just let things be, and detach from all outcomes, you give life the opportunity and space to work in your favour. When there is space you can manifest even more and finally receive what you have been waiting for. I set another intention for anyone who reads this, I promise what you desire is on its way. I am sending you love and strength. You are Appreciated & Loved You are Accepted and Supported. Trust in yourself and Trust in life.
    ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜

  6. I love your inspirational speeches especially about uncompromising vision in art Mr. David Lynch 💜

  7. “Get your eyes on the doughnut and not on the hole.” What simple and great advice!

  8. Make it simple. Your thoughts dictates your actions and actions determine your life. Also thoughts determine your feeling I use music too use that energize.

    Three sentence why your life sucks or not.

  9. David Lynch 💜👽his passion for Transcendental Meditation changed my Life… It truly is the gateway to limitless possibilities…..

  10. Ignorance comes from Mankind that translates/what it perceives to be real and that is God’s Original Creation. All ideas/concepts/thoughts are from GOC. It simply does not exist. The Bible tells you so as well as all text, writings. It is the Word of God that creates Life. God is simply Timemind which breathes into Life all words by simple repetition of GOC. God’s Creation is an illusion, aq dream that comes by simply latching on to the UNI-VERSE (One Thought of creation by Timemind. Go ahead and find anything in Creation not created by Timemind. Life begins with Timemind and ends with Timemind dissolving. There is no God, only the ignorant Mankind that never finsihes God’s Work.

    All Creation has already occurred and Mankind simply interprets what is happening. Earth is the Death Plane, All born will die. There is no such thing as Birth of Death, all Words of God. ALL TIME and ALL THOUGHT is created simultaneouis. It is when God creates Man in God’s image (Timemind) that God creates the Beast 666 that destroys what God hath wrought, disobeys God and creates the Duality of Life/Death.

    To complete God’s Work simply REST Eternal. Resting or sleeping has no Time no Mind, no Life and thus everything known exists not. It is called by Mystics, Seers Absolute or TAO, or UNKNOWN and that IS, all else is illusion of the Words of God being made real by repetition of Thought. David here grasps a thought and is stuck in the illusion/Matrix eternal. Upon Death, David will grasp a thought and return to the illusion and live on eternal.

    To Be Something, Say Something, Do something, Do something is Life–BS and Do Do. Everyuthing said and done is by God. Go ahead and prove you are not Timemind living in the illusion eternal. It can not be done. You are a cartoon character playing God that does not exist except in Timemind.

  11. Libido Dominandi is the idea that sexual liberation equals political control – check out E. Michael Jones book. Lynch’s films show the dark side of this that we, as a society, must come to terms with our degenerate behaviors and return to order.

  12. Our spirit worlds and physical worlds are symbiotic cocreative mirrors of each other. Build them as you see fit.

  13. The music plus the psychological motivation I know everyone watching these videos will find their way in life

  14. Comment of “the circle” is interesting as life in essence evolves from circles, it is the doorway of all living that give us choices to change directions. What a beautiful way to explain creation.

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