Things Are LOOKING UP! BEAUTIFUL Full Moon in VIRGO! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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Things Are LOOKING UP! BEAUTIFUL New Moon in VIRGO! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for February 22nd through 28th, 2021

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  1. Astrology and the ability to think freely would seem to be a good partnership. However, you seem to be one of a few with a handle on this Heather. Kudos.

    • Except that she keeps repeating tired, ableist nonsense that’s not true at all

  2. aries 18:16🔹taurus 20:03🔹gemini 22:38🔹cancer 24:36🔹leo 27:23🔹virgo 29:51🔹libra 32:45🔹scorpio 35:14🔹sagitarius 37:26🔹capricorn 39:40🔹aquarius 41:31🔹pisces 43:13🔹

  3. General forecast ✨ 2:45

    ♈️ 18:09

    ♉️ 20:02

    ♊️ 22:38

    ♋️ 24:36

    ♌️ 27:18

    ♍️ 29:50

    ♎️ 32:45

    ♏️ 35:14

    ♐️ 37:20

    ♑️ 39:41

    ♒️ 41:31

    ♓️ 43:13

    Next week’s energy 💫 44:55

  4. Thx Heather!!! 🤗
    Scorpio sun 🌞
    Pisces rising
    Sagittarius 🌙
    I’m a mean softy… I’ve been called a sour patch kid 😌

  5. Is there a link to look up my chart? So confused rising, Sun, Moon. What type of astrology do you do Heather?

  6. I’m a Gemini rising and I’m putting all of my intentions this week on feeling good and manifesting a move into my own place. This full moon in my 4th house and the transiting sun & venus in my 10th house will be having a trine and sextile with my natal Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all in my 8th house. The moon will also conjunct my natal venus in the 4th house earlier that day. Jupiter will also be in positive aspect to my ascendant. The north node will be 2 degrees from my ascendant and Mercury (finally direct!!) will be aspecting a t square I have in my natal chart (which has given me drive to go after what I want in the past).
    After the full moon I might come back to this comment and compare how it all played out 🙂

  7. ♒ Rising ♋ Sun ♌ Moon. I think this time Leo was the most accurate one for me. Of course unless new stuff will be revealed on the full moon. I guess i’ll wait and see.

  8. I wish u were more specific regarding the reading for the Capricorns. 9th house is so many things plus immigration, passports, foreign travel etc, etc, etc. U seem distracted on all readings today

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