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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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    🟩Bless Big Brother🙏🏽 ( $Trenius11 ) disregard scam warning

    🟧Big Brother Email 📧 ( )

    • @Jackie Vaughn I’m struggling right now single mother but as soon as I have some money I’m going book a session with him. I swear it’s like he one of the few ppl that understand what’s really going on out here.

    • Dude guess what just happened my daughter just said that she wants to go with me to Sedona because her trip got canceled after all so she’s not leaving thank you Jesus I’ll see you guys soon oh my God I can’t believe we get to go together to see you

  2. People will either try to join you, or begin to hate you, just for living a life they can’t live, from the work they didn’t want to put in🤐

  3. I learned being alone is so much better because as starSeed the enemy can’t hurt you. Protect yourself…

  4. There is a difference between religious and spiritual souls. The two will not engage with each other in the same space and feel comfortable. Over three hundred Religions are what separates the human race. You are right only God can pass judgement and it’s Creations. If you are trying to point out another human being characteristic and make you feel good in your belief system, then you are no more than a slave master wanting only to please you.

  5. Aye say big brother Tren, I’ve been feeling exactly how you talking I feel old friends and old lovers women want to come back after being real disloyal!!🙏🙌 i always cut fake people off without warning and I remember you made a video about cutting people off without warning…

  6. I learned the hard way 💯 blessing blockers religious people judge the most I’m Christian but also belive I’m chosen I always watch you as everything you say resonates with me, 🙏God bless you tre

  7. Crazy how people say your selfish for doing what you want, but they arent selfish for wanting you to do what they want?

  8. Forget the haters! Be you ALWAYS, in ALL WAYS!!! That’s why they watching in the first place💪🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️

  9. I’ve tried talking to someone about allowing Low Vibrational people around them. Soon as you worked hard and earned your blessings here comes them. And now out of nowhere you are having problems? Of course they weren’t getting it so my advice will be non- existent because while you being stubborn. I’m focusing on myself

  10. I cant lie I use to hate being alone until I realize I was chosen and how high my energy & vibration is now it’s a must… I dont personally knw nobody that’s like me most ppl plot with secret motives ‼

    • You are so right—- that’s exactly what they been doing to me. —— My family , I have very high energy & vibration and I how to stay by myself because I know my family have secret motives to get money out of me.

  11. 🍃🌞Not needing or wanting validation from others will definitely make others that do not have good intentions for you upset. There are so many people on this channel that are going through the same issues. Thank you all for your truthful motivating words! Keep your energy protected and frequency high! We run this now! Keep smiling Tren!🌟✨💫

  12. These are good points. It’s difficult to change when dealing with the same folk and same environment. This is an active thing that we must take steps to see through. Anyone who takes offense to one’s attempt at self improve is nothing short of an opponent.

  13. There’s definitely been more “matrix” stuff going on in my life these past couple pf months. Weird cripple ppl and bumbs have been trying to grab my attention. Even ugly chicks too. I know I ain’t none of these things, yet these broken down types always come in my presence. Doesn’t help that I have been going to the gym and improving my physique. I noticed that this past weekend. I went by my cousin’s house to watch the Wilder/Fury fight and all the men curl inward. They were happy I came around, but they definitely were intimidated. They smoke weed, I don’t and that also set me apart too. But yeah I’m bettering and growing and it’s showing. You almost have to dim yourself so you don’t get seen, but they know you have that SHINE and they want all of it to themselves.

    • Seen an increase in the presence of the same sorta people sometimes I will give em attention and offer them a water or something.

    • Marvin, don’t let them steal your joy and inner peace. That’s whats going on.

    • @Tony Cash I just blast the song “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now” by Gnarls Barkley or sing it if I’m one on one and they creep by me. Just mock them at any chance.

  14. I was at the store the other day and I had on the most colorful tye dye shirt with the biggest happy face on the back that said Do what makes your soul happy! The line was long and the lady behind me had to look at that big ol happy face for a long time. Anyway I was putting the grocery bags in my cart and the lady behind me pushed her cart all the way to the atm/credit machine. I asked her nicely if she could move back because I still needed to pay through the machine. Her face turned so mean and sour and she pretended not to hear me and I looked at the cashier like ummmm? So she told her Ma’am can you move back so she can pay? The lady/Karen was Pissed! After I paid, I moved up out of her way and then was putting my card back in my wallet and she literally ran her cart into my back on purpose and I looked at her and said Decepticon! So I go out to my car and put the bags away and omg it was like some weird fate cause when she came out of the store she literally was parked next to me. So I shook my head at her, got into the Mercedes, backed out and rolled the window down and threw up the peace sign to her! She was pisssed! I mean she literally ran her cart into my back cause she was so entitled and mad she had to back up her cart??? I mean wow people are crazy! The worst are tailgaters that do it on purpose to scare you. I have learned patience and instead of getting mad back I just go slower and move into the other lane cause people are just looking for a fight and I’m happy as can be! @10:30 the sunlight behind you is as happy as your smile from the very start of your video! Ty for the life coach advice, appreciate what you give out!

  15. Things I been hearing for the past 3 years:

    “Your the devil”

    “God told me to tell you, that he feels like you should spend more time with me”

    “Your depressed right, that’s why you don’t spend no time with us”

    “Your crazy”

    “Since when do you love yourself now?”

    “You use to never be so spiritual”

    “Your selfish”

    “Can I see you today…fine I don’t want to be around you anyway”

    “I love you…you don’t love me? I never liked you anyway”

    “You think your better than us”

    “What if we died, would you still care?”

    “You don’t need to love yourself that much, God would want you to love everybody”

    “I need you in my life”

    “Gods not here on earth right now, this is the real world”

    “I feel like you don’t love me”

    “Your going to need us”

    “If anybody didn’t tell u, your going to be successful…I hope you know that…you don’t believe me…I never believed in you anyways.”

    “You know I love you right. I know said some harsh stuff the other day but I didn’t mean it”

  16. When your alone you achieve alot more. Can’t trust any and anyone. Most people are 🐍 and don’t wish the best for you.

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