These Ancient Megaliths Could Open Portals to the Universe

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Our team of scholars explains that massive stone monuments, intricately placed in astronomical alignment, may have once opened portals to the universe, permitting entry for entities from other worlds and dimensions. Though it sounds like something right out of science fiction, science fact has proven that magnetic fields periodically connect celestial bodies, enabling the transport of physical objects. Across the cosmos a vast network of tendrils connect sun to sun and planet to planet, and accessed through stargates created by advanced beings, and placed throughout ancient civilizations on Earth.

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  1. Incredible! Thank you! I feel like I have known about this information since childhood but for some reason was made to forget and re discover 🤔

    • @Gaia I love your videos but I’m broke as they get.
      So, let loss of the bag and feed us peasants, some of your content.

    • @Gaia knowledge is power and knowledge isn’t cheap so power isn’t cheap, keep shelling out free power please 🙏🏽

  2. I don’t know why, but some of these places I have been to in dreams..

  3. I’d personally think all of this was a bunch of bulls**t if I didn’t have out of body experiences myself. In 2013 when I was 31yo, I faced my fear and researched this crazy thing that would happen to me randomly. It turned out that many others had the exact same experiences and it OBEs were fairly well documented. I learned to control it through meditation and can do it when I want now.

    With this knowledge and experience, listening to the people on this video talking about higher levels of reality, stargates, and spirit journeys seems a lot less crazy. I do understand to the more close minded people, this stuff must sound wild.

    • Once we experience our Highest Self & allow our mind to truly BEcome wide open, we never see things the same as we did before. 🤩💖🌟

  4. ets dont called themselves as gods. ets including humans are created by one infinite creator.

    • But why?
      Is it because one can’t be a God to a void or oblivion?
      ETs are also after answers.

  5. I’ve been following Greg for while now. It’s the same stuff as before. I’m ready for the big finish, total proof beyond speculation.

  6. What’s the difference between what all these people are saying, and imagination?
    Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, SG1,… are all science fiction shows!
    Why do people speak with such certainty, when they don’t know anything.
    It’s all theories and hypothesis. Where’s the meat?
    We still call it “Electron Theory”! Not electron law.
    We have no idea what gravity is, yet we speak as if we are the masters of this universe.

  7. After losing my job in the pandemic😷.

    I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍☀️

  8. The ancient Megaliths and underwater pyramids here on Gaia are now coming back online!🤗🕉☯️..ONELOVE!!

  9. bring them online! (operational I mean, not on the actual internet)

  10. Thank you! This is a re release. Right? Just watched it the other day

  11. Our Final gland is our minds portal. That’s why they try to calsafiy it.

    • Yes 🤩 our pineal gland when clean & clear is a spiritual portal unbound by divisive reliogioisity. With alignment of one’s entire bioenergetical field to the unified field opens our once limitedly perceived notions to expansive INlightenment ever unfolding. Life is wonder-fully full of INfinitely potential YOUnique discoveries. 😍

  12. 🤣OMGOODNESS! what a beautiful revelation 🌈❤💛🧡💜🤎💙💚🎉
    Thank you so much for this valuable message ❣

  13. How did the probe reveal it had the potential to transport things to the suns atmosphere? Did the probe go through? Was data sent back? Or that thermal image of the magnetic field proves it? How?

  14. I can’t wait))) THXVM so much for so many Brilliant Works, so many Great Humanistic & Energetic Believers and Brilliant Minds. And so much more, sooner than we could even know … KR2EV1 N

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