The Way of Truth 5 steps to Mental Mastery and Overcoming the Ego

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The 5 steps of mental mastery and overcoming ego. 2D reality is the foundation for what we have in our physical lives. We must ENJOY our physical lives before we will have the proper energy to evolve anywhere beyond what is physical. You must be happy with your choices, proud of your job, believe in your purpose and work for the point of working .

There has been a lot of chaos being pushed on people newly awakening to their spiritual nature due to the fact that they fall deep into their minds and then look to open their 3rd eyes to bring more for their minds to feed on. Stop feeding your mind and start feeding your body. From there you can feed you heart and then the truth shall set you free to rise above the collective human pain body and spread your wings as an earthly angel.

Please try this.. try not using your mind too much, not researching browsing looking thinking…. try focusing more on what can stabilize your ideas and intentions. Where will the force come from to illuminate ONE thing you need to manifest. and lets start getting the done one thing at a time. Enough talk.. the Air phase is ending… 2013 is near and the fire phase will begin. Here we need to perceive not through our senses but through a more holistic view of what is stable and strong in our lives and what is weakening and painful. filter, flush, cleanse and change. Much love to you all… but put that ego down and let the mind body encompass 7-10% of your time and energy… meaning90% of the day… you should not be thinking. have an idea where you are at??

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  1. Noone can overcome ego, Especially Every Human being. If you have no ego, then you are nothing, because in order to speak you need an ego to work from. Everyone has an ego, and the sizes vary according to who knows more about things. Good video tho. Do you, dont ask for money.

  2. if you want to send food that works.. all efforts should be respected and given an equal exchange for….. I spent upward of 20-30,000 dollars traveling 5 continents and learning spiritual and medical sciences, learn how to be of service and people will want to contribute to your cause, you won’t really need to ask for money but you have to promote your services, I know very few who have traveled and studied as extensively as I of my age… and that is not a cheap thing to do. big visions need +

  3. I do not believe that you understand you cannot change everyone. I learned this many times before, but continue to follow my insanity anyway. I tell everyone the same, if you want to know, ask. I won’t come knocking on your door pressing information onto you nor do I believe in Karmic Laws as you seem to in respect as your idea of equal exchange. You spent all of that money for the same exact knowledge you could of obtained through your inner self in the same exact time spent looking for it. lol

  4. oh no doubt…. you shouldn’t even try to change people unless they find you and are open to you influencing / changing them. Plus people who really just want to push you sometimes make it look like they need your help but it is another entity using them to get you to use tons of energy and manifest/complete nothing.

  5. Other thing. WE ARE SOCIAL BEINGS. A student humble to master is something that you learn through social interaction. I could have possibly learned this but would have lost the amazing experiences, friendships and understanding of how our individual nature and purpose is the leading force 2 connecting us with our collective or oneness in general. master and a student is a wonderful relationship no human should be deprived of. in fact I think every human should be student 4 times and master 1

  6. So you run an entertainment business now.. oh btw it doesn’t cost money to design and program anything it only takes knowledge. and it does not cost 30k to build a website.. you really are out of your mind. Besides that, you cannot wake up anyone who doesn’t know what waking up is. Waking up someone would be telling them that First of all, everything they sense with their 5 senses was a total grand illusion to begin with and most, probably everyone, wouldn’t totally believe it anyway.

  7. it is useful, words are just seeds to implant into someone’s mind. If they react to what you say, whether negative or positive. It it effects their course in Life forever.

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