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We are pleased to announce the release of The Way of Miracles, a groundbreaking documentary on the science of human healing. This is very important for anyone who wishes to be inspired by both the science and patient reports of the unlimited possibilities of healing.

Deepak Chopra contributed to this film along with many of his colleagues.

Congratulations to Christina Vircillo Bresson, Mark Mincolla and Three One Creative.

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  1. MY SOUL
    My Energy is confined to my body,
    My body is my vessel, So I can be a physical being,
    My soul is here to experience what I can not without one,
    My Body is not who I real am,
    I am a soul, I am consciousness, I am Matter, I am Energy, I am light, I am love,
    My experiences here seem so real,
    But it’s just an illusion that feels very real,
    If it didn’t, I wouldn’t know how to grow to be a better Human being,
    I know who I real am,
    I just need to remind myself everyday,
    So I do not get caught up in fear and ego,
    There both my worst enemies,
    When I come from fear I am not coming from my true self, My Fear is False Evidence appearing real,
    When I am coming from Ego, I have etched God Out , My true source,
    When i am coming from these 2 emotion I am not in line with who I real am,
    Everything physical that I see, is temporary for now,
    Everything I feel creates who I am as a human being, My morals, my ethics and values.

    Step back and look closer within, who are you?
    As a soul and a human being.

    Written by
    Paula Restis

  2. Release the negative energy and draw in the positive energy. I have been healing people since I was a little girl headaches backaches when I was 9yrs old I healed my aunt in the hospital. she had a blood clot in her leg and I laid my hands her leg and The next day her clot passed I would Love if more people could open up to their knowledge and remember who they real are. But I realized religion has stiffened peoples knowledge and growth because it is a one mind set of symbols and stories.

  3. I look forward to seeing this. So wonderful you have made this film to Help people understand how they are and the true nature of existence. I think you are well thanks

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