The Untold Story of Brain Injury & SameYou-Emilia Clarke NFT for Good

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The Untold Story of Brain Injury & SameYou-Emilia Clarke NFT for Good
A Conversation with Deepak Chopra MD, Jenny Clarke and Poonacha Machaiah
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  1. I have a traumatic brain injury. I’m going to NYC to see Dr Amen. He takes a picture of our brains.

  2. Please receive my gratitude,
    and my best wishes.
    I really hope that my son that had a brain injury and trauma this year will accept to heal properly…
    Thank you.

  3. I had a severe brain injury after a man hit my head with a hammer. After that I have 2 prosthesis in my head because they had to remove the broken bones. I have post traumatic stress and cognitive difficulties, I’m trying to make my life as normal as someone of my age (I’m 29 and I was 21 when it happened) but I had to stop my studies, can’t start again to study… so it’s making me different, and this difference is quite hard to understand by people around because they all think now I’m fine as I look like in good shape. I have a disability card than I sometimes don’t even dare to show because some people don’t trust and think I deserve to skip the line. That’s emotionally hard and I’m glad you’re all going to talk about it more about awareness but also the emotional and social consequences a brain injury has. I’ll be very happy to discuss with you if you want and share my story. Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Yes, folks like you who “don’t seem to have a disability” have unique challenges. Much misunderstanding, I bet, when someone does encounter an unexpected difficulty you might show. Quite a quandary for you both! You might be interested in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. Much is free online and on Youtube. You are offered an opportunity to take yourself into a new future in a new “self.” See the testimonials.

  4. For several years I worked one on one with two people who had traumatic brain injury. Job title was ISLT, Independent Living Skills Trainer. I was appalled at the lack of empathy and understanding for these people both “in the world” and from their professional medical providers. As long as their meds were renewed every month and all seemed the same, everyone was content. But my clients yearned for more! We are, after all, all human! I did my best to open vistas and experiences such as jazz concerts for one who loved jazz and drives through the country and apple picking for the other. But the lack of interest and support for them as people with ideas to express, interests, desires was simply not addressed. I’m glad to see something expanding in this direction, but really, the best is to simply open the world to everyone considered “different” or “limited” and change the paradigm.

  5. Mahalo for this, I have been in recovery from head trauma in 2020. Andy 5 year old daughter had also had 2 concussions! Actually been experiencing quite a bit of shame programing due to my cognitive abilities and performance has been altered. This was documented through cognitive testing. I am working with a wonderful Cranial Sacral Doctor who has been working with my energy body. I am working in a healing arts school as well to heal myself. So grateful for this panel. Aloha from Ewa Beach Hawaii! My individuation of our collective consciousness experience truely appreciates this.

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