The Unique Way Elon Musk Was Raised | Maye Musk

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What did Maye Musk do that made Kimbal, Tosca, and Elon Musk so daring, bold, and successful? Well, she definitely didn't follow the culturescape -which is something we can expect coming from the world's oldest supermodel.

In this video, she tells Vishen Lakhiani how she managed to survive leaving an abusive relationship with almost no money and raising three (very successful) children. Her positive thinking will inspire you to remove those negative thoughts and make your own choice in life without holding back. According to Maye herself, “you can live with very little.”

Proving her high pain tolerance, Maye also dealt with weight issues as a plus-size model, overcame ageism in the modeling industry, and established a lifelong career as a respected dietitian. Talk about going from fear management to outstanding personal branding and self-confidence. 💪

⏰Video timestamps:

✅ 0:01 Who is Maye Musk
✅ 0:27 Being Elon Musk's mother
✅ 1:19 Growing up as an adventurer
✅ 2:15 Raising humble, bold, and curious children
✅ 4:15 The most important trait in a child

Being taken as an example of women power and resilience didn't stop Maye Musk from going even further and becoming an international speaker in her sixties. It gets bigger when she starts talking about the challenges of motherhood. Click here now:😊👉

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  2. Is Maye Musk the person who plays main role in 101 Dalmation movie? 😳

  3. Maye Musk looks like a Tall White. I don’t trust Elon Musk for anything he is severely compromised, and sold out. Greed is a demanding master. People that work for him fear him, getting fired during his moods. If we only knew and saw what lurks beneath.

  4. Remarkable woman and mother. She did a wonderful job raising her children….I really admire her she is my age.

  5. *Success is a journey, not a destination; the doing is often most important then the outcome.* ✌️✌️

    Love from a small youtuber 🖤

    • Small YouTuber today, ginormous YouTuber tomorrow! Stay blessed! #wordup

  6. *You’ll realize how far you are in your journey, but you’ll soon realize you can go even further and achieve greater challenges.*

    Keep going my friend. 💥💥

  7. *Don’t compare your 2. Chapter to someome elses 20. Chapter. Compare yourself to just your yesterday. And if you constantly see an improvement that means you are on the right track.*

    I hope you have an amazing day. 🖤

  8. Elon musk and his mom speaks in a very specific way. I love them both.

  9. Such a brilliant interview 🙌 Elons story is very inspiring. Will share with my subscribers

  10. Same. But no one ever nurtured my gifts.. oh well, we all have a purpose. 💖✌️😁

  11. These folks are very privileged. I find your content is unrelatable. I hope you can try to find away to keep a majority of real folks engaged. But that may not be your premise $$$

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