The Ultimate Law of Attraction Technique (A Faster Way to Manifest!)

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This law of attraction technique is the ultimate process to manifest what you want fast! ✅ (FREE CLASS & MEDITATION) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR EFFORTLESS MANIFESTATION ➡️
The act of using the Law of Attraction for manifesting life intentionally means learning how to delicately weave the energy of your words, thoughts and feelings together. In order to create your manifested desires, you simply need to raise your vibration by connecting with your higher energy states that are always available to you.

There are a myriad of manifestation techniques and methods. And what may work for some, might not work for others. This specific LOA process is considered one of the best techniques because it moves you into the 5th dimension where the time frame changes and you are creating your life intentionally moment by moment through healing lower vibrational frequencies and ushering in a higher vibrational state! Making it the "ultimate" technique to manifest what you want fast!

The Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. Check out my links below 👇 for advanced manifestation techniques & tools that move you into a positive state!


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  1. *✅Recommended Video: Magnetize What You Want from the Quantum Field (Powerful Technique!) ➡***

    • @Your Youniverse Thank you Jessica! I truly love your Channel! It has changed my life so much! You’re without a doubt, one of the best LOA Teachers on YouTube! I’m so blessed to be a student of all your teachings! I will be joining one of your programs very soon! Stay Blessed and Magical! 🙏❤✌

  2. My life is proof that this actually exists. I was skeptic at first but was at the point where my life needed desperate change. I’m so happy I found the “light” and hope everyone does as well 💙

    • Me too! But now it seems that it’s turned into a responsibility to always be manifesting for the current future. I always tell people, The Genie is in your head, be careful what you wish for.

    • @Blake Pisano it is a scary time, at least for some, but than it passes to something awesome – probability remains a choice, the responsibility even that includes remains.

  3. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
    💜 Heart-Based Manifestation YouTuber

  4. I sweater gawd! How did you know I was gonna be looking for this specific meditation right now?

    I was like, “what would YourYouniverse do to heal the heart space and nurture the love consciousness to refocus manifestation on energy and consciousness instead of maternal manifestation?”

    Long story, short: thank you for the confirmation that I’m on the right track toward enlightenment.

  5. I wish i had proper education of all this info as a child. I’ve known my whole life that we are more than just meat suits and there is more to this life than birth, taxes and death. I have thousands of manifestations I’ve seen in my own life and never knew i created them. I’m so grateful for this knowledge now. My life will never be the same! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Brilliant As Always Jessica! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing method with us!

  7. *You can’t change the past but you can always create the future.*

    To those who are reading this, just know that your past does not dictate your NOW. Remove any mental roadblocks you may have and you will have absolutely freedom.
    Wealth, abundance, love will just be a by product of that.. You got this. I believe in you.

    *- Your Friendly Neighborhood Coach*

  8. 🖤🌌. Is it possible to listen to the background music alone for when i use this. If so could you please point me into the direction to get it or listen

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