The True Definition of Leadership with Vishen Lakhiani

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What is leadership❓ How do you define great leadership? You see, your leadership definition can break or make your company because your definition informs your leadership style and leadership motivation.

In this video, Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, explores transformational leadership and how authentic leadership can take you up the ladder in the corporate world. One of the great leadership quotes that inspired Vishen as he grew up was “A leader is someone who gets people to do things he wants done, because they want to do it.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower.🙌

But how do you inspire people as a team leader? How do you rally people to achieve a goal? What leadership skills and tips do you need to employ in your everyday leadership? Watch this video to find out. 😀

About Ajit Nawalkha:

✔Ajit Nawalkha was the former CEO of Mindvalley and currently the Co-Founder of Evercoach – The World’s largest Coach Training Platform, a celebrated Business Coach and Author of 3 Books on Coaching and Entrepreneurship -The Book of Coaching, Live Big and The Business Book of Coaching.

✔Through Evercoach, Ajit has impacted over 100,000+ changemakers creating change across the coaching industry.

✔Now, Ajit is giving you the opportunity to impact 129 million businesses that need your help in coming times. His methodology has helped his clients gain clarity, profitability and impact.

✔Ajit has been featured in The Huffington Post, BBC, Forbes, and Inc.

About this masterclass: “How To Create Extraordinary Performance In Your Team or Company”

By the end of this leadership masterclass you’ll learn:

The power of the coaching relationship – Learn how to unleash your team members’ untapped talents, abilities, and potential.

The new emerging style of leadership for managing change – The old school way of leading with authority is over. The leaders who stand out in today’s unpredictable new world are the ones who are willing to do this one thing for their team.

The #1 skill to elevate your team’s performance – Learn the single most essential leadership skill according to Google’s 10-year study on their top managers (and it may not be one you think).

The S.A.E.A. framework for rapid problem-solving – Based on a 2,000-year-old philosophy, this 4-step process will allow your team to dissect and resolve even the most complex problem into more manageable truths.

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll walk away with the tools and frameworks to rally your team behind your vision and empower them to perform at their peak.

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  2. Leader is somoene who leads by example. By showing the good in the bad. By bringing light where there is a darkness🙏

  3. Woow Vishal , That was a great video..Its like re defined the meaning of leadership …great

  4. It will be such a pleasure to watch Vishen and Ajit together, spreading magnificence!

  5. If your this much knowledgeable! Help me to sale my fashion design…i dont have money to pay u now till my project get approved…

  6. A few weeks ago I became a Mindvalley All Access subscriber and have enjoyed it so far. However this particular one is definitely sparking my interest. I have volunteered for Hospice as an End of Life Doula for many years now and it’s had such an impact on my life. I no longer fear death, no anxiety around it and life itself feels different. I have done my best to explain to others that death doesn’t have to be so dark and scary and that it’s actually so amazingly beautiful. I try explaining that by embracing the actual process of it, that it can possibly set you free, free of so much fear and anxiety. Many times I’m faced with such major resistance. In my heart I believe it’s such an important topic that can help others, I witness it in the many family members that I help. I look forward to this class for possible insights in leadership so that I can empower others to release their fears around this topic.

  7. Leadership is a context. Your definitions are content. Most try to lead from concepts so that’s why it is glaringly apparent that leadership is missing in the world. Your quote conceptualizes leadership and robs one of their ability to actually lead. Too many answers in mine valley not enough questions!!

  8. It’s easier than one might think, which I gather gives people in the business world great anxiety.

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