The Top Dangers Of Using Psychedelics

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Every risk and danger you must be know about before diving into psychedelics. How to use psychedelics safely and responsibly for personal development and spiritual growth.

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Disclaimer: Some of the advice provided in these videos could be dangerous to your psychological or physical well-being if applied carelessly. By listening to & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences. You agree to waive any legal recourse against Actualized LLC, Leo Gura, and staff. This is not medical or psycho-therapeutic advice. Leo is not a licensed therapist.

Warning: Spiritual work is inherently risky and dangerous if misapplied or misunderstood. teachings are not suitable for people with serious mental disorders such as: suicidal depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or medical conditions. Leo's teachings assume you have a stable mind and life. If your mind is dysfunctional or ungrounded, these teachings may lead to a deterioration of your condition and even suicide if misapplied. Self-help and spirituality are not substitutes for professional treatment for such conditions. If spiritual work is causing your life to unravel in unhealthy ways, discontinue the work until your mind has stabilized and you are safe. teachings are very advanced and can easily be misunderstood and misapplied. Nothing Leo teaches ever promotes physical self-harm. Any time Leo talks about “facing one’s death” he is NOT talking about suicide or physically harming your body, but rather ego-death and spiritual awakening. Never confuse these two things.

Warning: Psychedelics are inherently risky and dangerous. Only use psychedelics if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for the consequences. Do not take psychedelics if you are too young, too immature, on mind-altering medication, or if you have a mental disorder. By listening to Leo you agree that is not responsible if you misuse psychedelics and injure yourself or others. If you decide to use psychedelics you must exercise extreme caution and carefully follow safety protocols. Leo’s use of psychedelics is always done with extreme caution and attention to safety. Treat psychedelics like a loaded gun. Never use psychedelics chronically. Never take psychedelics in high doses. Psychedelics will not effortlessly solve your deep psychological problems. The less grounded your mind is, the more selfish you are, the harsher pyschedelics will be on you. Psychedelics can create deep existential crises. Do not take psychedelics unless you love the idea of deconstructing your mind and reality.

Note: All credit goes to the authors and creators. Some links may result in financial compensation.


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  1. Lmao. This is MUCH needed for everyone to see. Especially those on your forums—goddamn.

    • Yep. Because some people use it just for recreational purposes and to bypass their shadow material.

    • Because everyone is looking for an easy fix, and there’s no easy fix!

    • @Mark Mccarthy Kindly repeat that in ENGLISH, Miss.☝️

  2. “Psychedelics don’t work on stupid people” Terence McKenna.
    The problem is not psychedelics itself, it’s the person using it.

    • @Joey King Half the time you think you are thinking, you are actually listening 🙏

    • McKenna was excessively passionate about mushrooms but not serious enough with life itself. They say, what you’re the most passionate about, it will eventually kill you …

    • Where do you buy Psilocybin mushrooms? Any idea where I even start looking. I don’t have a dealer rn and heading on to the deep web with a VPN seems abit risky

    • you really don’t understood what leo said , you can be intelligent and to be too young to take psychedelics , you can also to have a mentale disorder beiing intelligent, you can also make a surdosage, you can be hypersensitive ,ect ..

  3. I USED to think that I was a “Deep Thinker” until I found this channel

    • @PayaCast i totally understand where you are coming from, but i recommend having an open mind even to the stuff that seems stupid on the surface. I would say try some psychedelics and then come back, you might have a different perspective after having some experiences that open your mind to different views on reality. How old are you?

    • @Adrian Kovacs i have tried psychdelics, i am 22 now. i did shrooms, lsd and even san pedro. i’ve reached enlightenment moments. he’s just contradicting himself and is toying with some concepts that do not mean anything in this realm.

    • @Bojan V I am STILL awaiting your response to my previous question, Slave. 🤓

    • @Spiritual Psychotherapy Services your question almost insults me. Jiddu was a master without a shadow of a doubt

  4. I’ve only microdosed with shrooms but not even enough to see anything. I want to be more educated before trying anything else, hopefully I can try them in a medical setting.

    • Lots of red flags in this thread…. damn people! No wonder some of us had to go down to the rabbit hole and back. The sad part is that some never come back…

    • @Kaitlin Montgomery thank you! I actually wouldn’t do shrooms in a controlled environment unless it was like a retreat or something. I’ve just microdosed a small bag for the past few weeks cause I’m not ready to full on trip. I also wanted to try ketamine assisted therapy for mental health reasons, I’m curious about lsd but I desire to attract the right place & ppl to assist me through that. Hopefully sometime soon.

    • @Melissa Deleen You actually have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not going to shame you or put you down for that. But I will say that. You don’t understand. It’s like the same thing as going to a surgeon and telling him that you know how to do it and his practice is wrong. From our perspective, it’s comical and cringey. If you have never done psychedelics and have no idea what that experience is like or how it changes you for the better, you have no qualifications whatsoever to talk about it.

    • @Jade C Lsd is equally incredible. I cried so hard at the sight of a tree at night! The sky too looked like I could literally see all of space and infinite depth but it was so much more colorful and bright….it literally looked like those galaxy print patterns you see on the internet but super super vibrant. Like a million times more vibrant/ colorful. What happens on these drugs is simply too impossible. It shouldn’t happen, even on a drug…. it shouldn’t be possible for it to exist and you just see that so clearly that you wonder how you never noticed how impossible it is for just our everyday “mundane” life to exist. So when the trip is over, you go back to your everyday life and just look at everything as if you’ve never been to earth before. Or as if you’ve never existed before. It’s incredibly emotional; more emotional than any other feeling I’ve ever felt before… it was absolutely pure love in energy form, and it’ll bring you to your knees… metaphorically or actually haha. So beautiful! Definitely don’t rush! If their magic and sacredness is meant for you in this lifetime they will find there way to you exactly when the time is right 💓

  5. So I would say I classify as the wreckless one, but just fresh and new to the journey, nothing crazy. I have not educated myself or watched any of your videos on psychedelics yet, I’m moreso into spirituality/enlightenment type of your videos, but feel like my mind is opening. Just want to say I’m only twelve mins in and I feel very “sobered” and humbled. Thanks 😋 *continues watching

  6. One of the sad things for me is, you have a life changing experience on psychedelics, become more genuine and loving and people that knew the old you think you’re weird.

    • Better that than them screwing you up and no-one around you knowing what you’re going through

    • Learn to differentiate. The people you knew didn’t think you’re weird; it’s their mental garbage that thought you’re weird.

    • lmao I’m still coming down from my high. This is exactly the video I needed to watch lmao

  7. Dear person, who reads it. Yes, I mean exactly you! Maybe we don’t know each other. Still, I want to say, that I believe in you! You will certainly achieve your dreams and your happiness! Just don’t give up and be honest with yourself! Now you have at least one person who constantly believes in you, which means you are fated to realize your dreams! No doubts here ^)
    *Best wishes for you ❤️ from a friendly YouTuber*

  8. Bird to the wise Leo
    it should be expressed that
    knowledge by experience
    and research done properly before a first encounter happens is a foundational key I can grasp.
    Good content as always appreciated much, a big
    thanks your way bro!

  9. imagine leo flying a B52 bomber and just before he drops the atom bomb he says “BUT LEO-!!!”

  10. This was a great episode. I’d like to hear an episode on ‘Shadow Integration’ in the future Leo. 🖤

    • @Christian Horvath Shadow Integration is a psychological tool designed by Carl Jung. I suggest reading some of his books.

    • @Christian Horvath Shadow is a name for repressed unconscious aspects of ourselves.

  11. Personally I’ve tried to salvia too. I was about 18 and I was just kind of trippy I didn’t really like it

    • I never heard someone saying ‘I like Salvia’. Everyone was like WTF WAS THAT?

  12. Leo really needs to start adding time stamps on his videos, it would help alot.

  13. Realizing that life is meaningless — if you really “get it” — is not at all a nihilistic vision. Doing to simply do has no meaning, no “why”. Doing to do rather than doing to get is actually a very joyful, liberating, and enlightened way to live and create.

  14. “Its not about getting to high doses.” This needs to be said over and over.

    • That’s totally right! I work with many mentally ill people and it’s scary to see how many took the risky road of psychedelics.

    • psyched substance led me to think, that psychedelic doses should be high.

  15. I probably had a 100 trips before you were born. I never thought about integrating it into the Non-Dual path. This channel got me back into psychedelics and non dual teachings 3 or 4 years ago and my trips are nothing like they were 20 or 30 years ago. Psychedelics are a tool.

    • What did integrate it into? Just pretend land that you’re “tripping”?

    • How Did your psychedelic experience changed over the years? The human Brain ages, I ask me how this affects the psychedelic experience in a positive or negative way

    • @Hans it’s never negative in the long run
      If it is you’re not going all the way or holding something back.

  16. The problem with psychedelics is that people take the content of experience to be some “Truth About Reality”, when in fact, everything you experience on psychedelics and meditation are the projection of your own mind and the by product of releasing your ego conditionings. If you believe you’re God, psychedelics is going to confirm that belief. If you believe Reality is made up of matter, psychedelics is going to confirm that believe. If you believe “Everything Is Consciousness” psychedelics is going to confirm that belief. EVERYTHING you experience on the Path to enlightenment is nothing more than the projection of your own mind, without an exception. Enlightenment is beyond the mind, beyond experience and beyond psychedelics and meditation experiences, and there’s no levels to it. If you’re still “tripping” and having experiences either during psychedelics or meditations it means you’re still dissolving separations and conditionings. This is why psychedelics don’t really work on enlightened people, and “chakras” and “energies” are all transcended and dissolved if you’re enlightened because there’s nothing for psychedelics or meditation to “work on”. With that said, psychedelics is one of the most effective tools to “speed up the progress” of dissolving conditionings and separation if you aren’t piling up more conditions by attaching your ego to the contents of psychedelics.

    • @Naresh S he is. Watch his videos! They’re great… especially the “beyond god Realization” video and “enlightenment caught on camera”

    • Get his reach, you deserve it. Because Leo doesn’t do anything about it, everyone is pulling some these days.

    • I would love to try psychedelic mushrooms but it’s not like I can go to Walmart and find them on isle five, lol, I have no idea how to acquire them. So I just don’t worry about it. There are many other avenues. Many “paths up the mountain” if you will. ❤️

    • The notion of enlightenment becomes a mental fabrication itself, in our attempt to fathom it. But the map is not the territory and the absolute can only be itself. Therefore there is nothing left to do other then to just become it.

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