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  1. A big breakthrough is coming your way this week.
    NEW BOOK FEEL ALIVE BY RALPH SMART NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
    ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM NOW: http://www.instagram.com/officialralphsmart
    All new clothes available now: http://www.ralphsmart.com/clothes
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    • Keep up the good work! Go live! Tou are loved and appreciated!

    • I Am of the 144000… We are here Ralph🦋✨🌈👑

    • Thank you Ralph It’s Annie Stuart here in South Australia it is starting to feel a bit scary again and I did have a feeling that Sydney then Melbourne would be in lock down again and the other states West and up North found some people with the covid and it seems like it has been spread on purpose it stands out. Now the South Australian boarders are closed again and hope we are not having any lock down crap again. And you are right about food in shops has been cut back not a lot on shelves as before fruits and vegs seem to be less of them on display etc. My friends are not awake and it is hard to find people who are around here. I am afraid at times but then I listen to what you say and feel a bit more positive and try to keep smiling sending love vibes out to all. It is so obvious on media and TV all you hear is bad news and this covid story we do not need more quarantine places they are like a prison a way to control people that is freeky, hope it stops. We can all quarantine at home safely without too much control hope everyone wakes up!.

  2. A big breakthrough is coming your way this week.

    • So family i know your a Pisces and im a Aries, Arian, Sumerian, Titarian the ram, the pyramid. You see the future and i ram the future i am i make it happen the ram the dam, the true divine royal family the Egyptian Prince and now its time to take back the crown, see you soon my brother thanks for waking me up and your guidance on helping me remember who i am. I am

    • It came Ralph I am so happy 🙂 gonna rape the universe with this power

  3. All your wishes will come true, every wish has its own appointed hour. You can’t miss it. Everything you do brings you closer to your desire. or your imaginal act. You get what you think about.
    ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜

    • Got something to say family,Talked with mother over the phone,She keeps mentioning her god, Where is her god now?, She needs to wake Up!,She keeps running to the Dr.and she wants me to take her,But i stated to her that i threw my bible away,And she threw a negative at me about what god will do to me,I didnt comment on that,I just told her im getting off the phone, Now she keeps calling me and i have not answered her, I am at piece with myself now, Something i didnt even realize i had, until i became spiritual,I happy too, I sun gaze much as i can and meditate too and i am alkaline, I am a Goddess,Not going to let anyone or anything take me down,Meaning my vibration and energy!

    • @Stephany Causey a wise woman once told me, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The Bible holds many truths and it was all some people had, for many many years. Bless up deep-diver ✌️❤️😎🥳

    • @Stephany Causey what’s right for you isn’t right for everyone. We all awaken in our own time. Like you I am spiritual not religious, but a lot of people get comfort from religion even though it’s invented to keep the masses afraid.
      There are many truths in the bible too. Things the powers that be missed when they dumbed original tests down. Also, be careful to not be too hard on people. Those who blindly follow religion are often judgemental of others. Don’t fall into the trap of doing the same. Just forgive. We are all one after all.

    • @Anthony Pollock Jr tnks Gee, and you are very correct, the Bible holds many truth, it was wrongly used by the selfish pastors …..my bible is a valuable instrument for me, it was inspired by the awoke then…….I wouldn’t ignore my mother too, wish I still have mine with us today, but she is gone to join the ancestors. I know she is watching over us.


  5. Peaaaccccceee Ralph Smart. A light in the darkest of times!

    You are appreciated!!!

  6. Grass grass grass

    The leaves fall as i change

    For a new beginning

    Spring is blossoming

    It was only winter

    When my fruits died

    Now the sun shines

    As I rise my eyes

    The beauty of light

    The image in sight

    Sun gives life

    To the darkest nights

    Like a brighter star

    It came tonight

    North as I pole

    My dark is bright

  7. We ain’t having it!!!! Being free is our birthright…. Gratitude 💜💜💜

  8. In the U.K. on the 26 of june they said that there was the highest daily records of covid -19 delta cases . And looking at the tennis in wimbledon (near London) there is no mask and no distancing in the stadium…

    • Its ridiculous… these ‘crowd testing’ is just lies so the elites get paid for Wimbledon/football. But then this track and trace has small businesses like me having to leave half days/do furlough scheme because people have been text to ‘isolate’ it’s all b#”%: . I’m sick of it now. Enoughs enough

  9. “Unity is the only thing that is going to get us through this!”

  10. It’s getting more & more interesting everyday! We are splitting into people who are awake and people are still asleep!! People who are still asleep DO I NEED TO MAKE YOU A STRONG CUP OF COFFEE!!??

  11. I swear I had a dream about being in a crowd of people chanting freedom and it looked just like this swear to you ….I woke and saw your post …GOD BE PRAISED WE GOT THIS DEEP DIVERS!!!!!

  12. I been PROTESTING in Ohio with the police and. Community …..even got on the local news ….WE GOT THIS !!!!!! I just came from vacation protesting while on vacation and meeting thinkers like us and peacefully spreading love 💕

  13. Also in Kuwait people are standing out for their freedom

  14. We’re experiencing the start of something sinister: “A brave new world”.

  15. The universe has gotten you this far, so trust and know that you WILL be guided exactly where you need to be ❤️

  16. Remember when we were five years old playing with our friends and if some of the friends made up rules that we didn’t like, we would just tell them to eff off and we would go and make up our own game? Be like unto children.

  17. Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn’t already have

  18. Manipulating makes people think that they’re making their own decisions when they are not. I said too much.

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