The Seven Symbols of Atlantis

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Experts have discovered seven symbols which appear within every culture since the origin of time. We uncover their meanings and historical use, and find that they may be the key to unlocking ancient Atlantean technology.

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  1. Is this finally a new season of the series Ancient Civilizations? 😍

  2. Corporations use Esoteric symbolism in advertising preying on this truth.

  3. Where have they kept these sorts of knowledge all along

    • It always has been there, but it only is released to you when you are ready

  4. We are hardwired to recognise and respond to the sacred geometry that is the building block for everything. The universe, our construct everything around us is based on mathematical principles that form the structures of sacred geometry. Once we release logic and move to knowing everything flows to accept the part of us that is eternally divine and ethereal.

  5. All this ancient knowledge and I’ve still got to watch this video in portrait mode apparently.

  6. You guys are teaching us knowledge that BELONGS to us! Kind of hard to trust something like that, don’t you think?

  7. Symbols can be found on and in us humans too, for example, our finger prints have spirals.

  8. whenever these videos comes in my suggestion …i remember how idiot the world is

  9. I have seen these symbols using psycho active stimulants while I was looking at the sun.

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