The Secret to Superhuman Performance

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How to enter the Flow State. Ignite your highest potential in your work and passions with Steven Kotler's FREE masterclass:
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  1. 💚 Thank you for explaining how to active “The Protronus” 😻 No need to let it go, when you let it flow 😝 ☀ Have a Wonder Filled Day Beautiful Soul’s ☀ Lucky 🌺 OzArk ☀

  2. *”you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”*

    *If you are reading this, never ever give up, we have potential to accomplish our Goals and will succeed. I am cheering for you.*
    Have a very good day!

  3. This is a powerful blueprint ones Mindset. Secondly I can’t thank you enough for the priceless information. Godspeed Sensei

  4. If you don’t find any resources on flow state: Mindfulness and flow state are the same and the latter has a ton of literature =)

  5. This is a really good lecture and it explains very well what I personally very often feel during my work. When I’m really focused 100% on my work, I feel totally absorbed with all senses and in a “work flow”, which makes me very productive. I enjoy being in such a super productive “flow state” of mind and often have the sensation that I can be more productive than many of my colleagues due to the effective performance. I don’t know whether you can train this, but for me it comes natural.

    • There is tons of literature on this topic. You can only get so much in an 8 mins video.

  6. Mindvally though has had some of the cringiest adverts and has been pushing modalities as cure when there is no evidence to support them. Don’t remember them off hand but it totally put me off anything they have, Kotler is great listened to him on several podcasts.

  7. What’s interesting about what he mentions about the sense of past and future disappearing in a state of flow is that in the 4th Dimension as apposed to the 3rd Dimension that we currently live in, the additional 4th dimension is time itself. So could “flow” be a 4th dimensional experience…

  8. Amazing video. Steve Kotler has been one of my favourite authors and speakers since the book he wrote “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance” in 2014.

  9. *Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion. Champions keep playing until they get it right. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.*

    I wish you to become champion where ever you are now.

  10. spoiler: the “free” masterclass is just a hour long advert for the course which costs 400 USD. also gives a lot of of red flags, like claiming he cured his lyme disease with essentially positive thoughts. browsing through some of the other courses on the website, seems like it is just monetizing promising things too good to be true.

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