The Science of Elite Performance + Exponential Leadership [Instagram Live] | Robin Sharma

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Watch Robin Sharma's latest high-content Instagram Live where he walks you through ⁣3 insights from his work that will help you upgrade your productivity in this time of negativity and distraction [plus his best practical advice to help you stay strong in the pandemic].

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  1. How nice of you to address current events. Not to be cruel in any way, but so much of your content is coaching yes, but steeped in self-improvement rather than world-improvement. 2020 has been the kind of year, all-around, where we need to focus outwardly, as well as inward. Self-love is important, but if it’s not shared with others especially at a time of crisis, it has limitations. So, may we love ourselves and live outwardly from that love, to share with others each and every gift we can. Love is way, way better than money, and money can’t buy love. Might as well invest in love and let kindness be our currency. Don’t be selfish with it. Peace.

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