The SCIENCE of CREATIVITY: Watch this to become MORE Creative! | Josh Linkner

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Feel like you’ve been lacking Creativity? This episode has EVERYTHING you need to understand WHY, and HOW YOU TOO can create just like the world's most recognized creators, innovators and musicians this planet has ever seen.

As children we were PLAYING machines, HARD WIRED to be CREATIVE and free of judgement and limitations! But growing up in a world that fosters “realistic” expectations, we lose that powerful, boundless child's creativity.

We can track the decrease of creativity, all the way back to the Industrial Age. This has been a ripple effect coming on for CENTURIES.

The GOOD NEWS is it's all reversible–we can take back our creative power! Tune into this episode as Josh Linkner (author of "Big Little Breakthroughs") and I give you ACTIONABLE items you can do NOW to “SPARK” your inner most creativity and align with your SOUL for DIVINE Creativity.

Make sure you stay tuned in through the ENTIRE Episode as Josh and I share some GAME CHANGING tips and tools to break through ruts, procrastination and MORE.

Flip modern day ideals on their head to create the most profound genuine ideas you’ll ever create!
This one left me giving the biggest WOOHOO!

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  1. I just recieved my copy today. Looking forward to reading it. 💕

  2. You can take a pen apart and use the hollow part for an emergency tracheotomy ( as seen on Mash in the 1970’s) 🙂

  3. Enjoy this banter, sharing and creative suggestions. Michael, your future TV show must have some Roo Roo time. Excited what you can come up with. The world needs your loving positivity! ❤ Shine!

  4. I definitely enjoyed having Josh Linkner as your guest today ! Wow, what a great guy, great creator, and “inspirator” for us ALL! I have a grandson who will thoroughly enjoy your book ! Am looking forward to his using it, and me getting inspired in my own way, doing your 5 min. exercise, and 30-day “Heads UP” exercise ! And, thank you, Michael for your inspiring words, your “Inspire Nation” that I truly love and gravitate toward ! BE filled with Life !

  5. Hi Michael…and the pukstar! I’m half way through your easy to follow and informative book…great read! I’m also working on a Master’s thesis on resilience, creativity and self-efficacy. Creativity is so much more critical to our evolution and far more common that most understand. As Josh Linker mentioned, we all have creativity. Not everyone is a “Big-C”, but we all use creativity in our daily lives (mini-c, little-c types) from finding a different route home due to traffic to making a new cookie recipe because you are out of chocolate chips; or even at the more accomplished level of your musician, tech entrepreneur guest that plays at the pro-c level. Enjoy your shows!

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