The Sacred Trinity of Consciousness, Time and Space

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The research of Robert Lawlor reveals that basic laws of proportion and geometry that can be found in space are also reflected in time. They are be seen within depictions of the sacred trinity as observed by many of the world's spiritual traditions. We will look at this trinity as consciousness, time and space. Building off of this, we explore sacred proportions, like the golden mean, found within the cyclical nature of time expressed in the Yuga system, as described in ancient Puranic texts.

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    • I paid for just over 1 year of Gaia and yet couldn’t access anything….It was Very disappointing to say the least as I was quite Excited!!

  1. The yuga cycle is fundamentally rooted in the structure of space and time. Its one of the concepts that has always fascinated me the most about my religion.

  2. I learn more about the world everyday on Gaia sometimes I Wonder why they don’t teach this in school

    • Because there is true power in much of this material, thus the controllers of mankind do not want mankind to know.

  3. If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe. (Nikola Tesla)

  4. The 4 Yugs are :-
    1.Sati Yug
    2. Dwapar Yug
    3. Treta Yug
    4. Kal Yug

  5. Isis
    Ra Ta
    Seen it wasn’t on list… thanks Gary

  6. The mythological snake eating its own tail ‘ouroboros,’ can be, perhaps should be considered deception pertaining to that which manipulated the intended nature of reality for its own accord. Although as cited within the video that mankind’s biological systems do this as well, perhaps this is not what was intended pertaining to that of Gods Will of mankind. Ergo, mankind’s biological systems have been intelligently genetically manipulated outside of the will / love of God, by the symbol of the ouroboros, as even many biblical text cite that the ‘snake,’ is that of the devil himself, such implies that the devil may be manipulating the nature of reality including biological engineering pertaining to disallowing the full evolution of consciousness of mankind including but not limited to mankind’s DNA silicate matrix as when DNA evolves – consciousness does too, however inherent to consciousness is evolution fundamentally equating that DNA can evolve simultaneously as consciousness does as all is connected. Nevertheless the manipulation of the nature of reality done with including but not limited to ‘biological SETI,’ – meaning the genetic modifications done unto mankind, attempts to stop such so it may keep all trapped within the ouroboros of infinity pertaining to its own accord. Although models of the universe start / end / repeat from Big Bang to big bounce and so on, this does not mean consciousness is bound to infinity within the universe energies pertaining to this dimension of reality, ergo a places of higher energies existence potentially exist that of which the designed systems of ouroboros attempts to manipulate all out of for its own desire. Quantum mechanics witness the evolution of observing the collapse of the wavefunction ergo the collapsing of a world / universe every second as such is observed and witnessed every second thus witnessing some of the philosophical principles listed in this video, nevertheless to simply attempt to identify the mind of God by saying this is the way it is because this is all we know on this earth, eludes to the definition of infinity. Moreover space and time are most accurately described by Einstein’s special theory of relativity thus stating that the most accurate definition of time is the word spacetime meaning all points of time are connected equating to what is called the block universe which means the past the present and the future are always all happening simultaneously thus why the special theory and general theories of relativity are known as: relative – meaning that of relative to consciousnesses frame of reference yet simultaneously consciousness is not bound by space or time, fundamentally equating consciousness has access to all the energies of all of time within infinity and even dimensions of higher or lower energies depending on said consciousness users mentality, as all in existence is connected.

    Conclusively equating: evolution is not bound by spacetime as such is linked to infinity and inherent to consciousness is evolution, yet simultaneously evolution knows no bounds and is within the eye of the beholder indicating one could potentially evolve into infinity within only a matter of seconds as time is not real but spacetime is and the infinity points of spacetime already exist thus connected to consciousness current frame of reference.

    To learn more check out – search for artificial timelines so that the parties of the antichrist can not control the destiny of your soul.

    Best and love, Dustin.

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