The Sacred Science of the Pineal Gland…The greatest secret never told… The Sacred Secretion

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The esoteric science of the pineal gland, and the sacred secretion known a Chrism…

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  1. I’ve always wondered if the moons cycle had anything to do with my state of mind as at certain times of the month, I become very ‘hyper’ mentally and tend to have some very life-changing ‘lightbulb’ moments.
    Since deciding to switch off my TV over 2 years ago, my conscience has grown and grown and I’ve learned to trust my instincts rather than being told what to think and believe.
    Thank you so much for this, it made complete sense to me and answered a few questions.

    • I switched mine off 8 years ago… (I had increased unease when watching) and never looked back!

    • The question is.. Does it make sense to material reasoning (Science)?

    • sue jones I’m a Gemini and I’m the same, hypers not the word! always around a full moon. go a bit nuts but some times experience major revelations, I’ve only recently realised this trying to learn to harness it rather then have a mental episode!

  2. John put a little soft fluffy material over mic area it should help with the wind catching the mic …soft and fluffy your teachings are not!!!Love to all..x

  3. So let’s say the moon enters my star sign on the 23rd of this month, would that mean the iktos / secretion would be secreted on that day? Or would it mean that on that day, the iktos will return to the pituitary gland? And how many days does it take the iktos to complete the whole journey? I’m trying to figure out on which days I need to be even more vigilant of my diet / routine.

    Edit: After thinking it through I might have answered my own question in case it helps anyone else. The journey probably lasts for 2.5 – 3 days, as looking at the lunar-star sign calendar, there are 2.5 – 3 days between each time the moon aligns with the next star sign.


  4. i never read the bible but my mum left her bookmark in yesterday and asked me to read while that bit she went out.. it was the quote you gave a the end, from matthew. what are the chances!? i always consider the probability and the factors.. maybe that holds me back from having faith in things happening “for a reason”.. i always assume coinsidence over fate, maybe i’m deaf to the universe.

    gonna follow your advice in this video anyway, starting tomorrow 😉

  5. Thank you sir for your great work. In the interest of disseminating this knowledge to help all who awaken, I think at this point it would be beneficial to state some of the sources that corroborate esoteric practice. The entire process involving the claustrum and glandular secretions (christos, oil) is described in much greater detail in “Anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, with special reference to mechanism and function, for students and practitioners” by Santee, Harris Ellett in 1907 as flowing down into the olivary fasciculus :”descending with the rubrospinal tract through the reticular formation in the pons and medulla to the lateral column of the spinal cord. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord […] giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem.” Also, Hindu literature describes the Nadi channels, Ida and Pingala. There’s is much to research but most importantly connect within. Peace.

  6. Interesting coincidence

    33 vertebrae / Exodus 33:3

    “Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way”

  7. Fantastic video. I am working on my own at the moment. My girlfriend and I would love to volunteer at your foundation in the future and help you out for the help and love you have spread to us. We are grateful for this. We are currently English teachers in Vietnam, once we have some money saved up to create a self sustainable home we will then look to start volunteering and give ourselves freely to the giving of others. Until then we wish you the best of luck, love and light. 🕉

    Also, what is the name of the song at the end please John? Namaste 🙏

  8. 3:31 “There’s a thing in your brain called the Claustrum….” I’ve just googled it & read a bunch of the top hits. For those in the comments querying this; consensus seems to suggest it is produced when the Moon moves into your birth sign aka your Sun sign. (I follow Western, usually if the speaker is referencing Vedic they make specific mention of that fact). The Moon moves through all 12 signs in 27 days 7 hours (or something close to that) so once per month we should experience this secretion. Type m o o n t r a c k s . c o m / l u n a r _ i n g r e s s . h t m l (remove spaces) & there is a breakdown of the Moon’s movements for the next month or two. My Sun is in Pisces so I am going to be extra alert at 21:45 UTC(GMT) on November 8th. I had a bizarre & profound experience involving the Moon a week ago hence I am very interested to learn more! I have been vegan for 1.5 years, teetotal for two years. I am trusting my inner voice (it speaks a lot louder nowadays) so I feel that maybe I’ve been unknowingly preparing myself for this. Thank you John.

    • Bailey Montgomery nov 26! Havent had meat in a month, dislike it last year, out of body experience

    • My Frequencies astrology is not the way, the truth and the Life, only JESUS CHRIST IS.❤🙏

    • Thank you so much for the website! Turns out the moon is on my star sign right now!! Thank you!

  9. im a struggling drug addict last week on monday 29th May i decided to do cold turkey…. on the exact day the moon was in my star sign Leo

    • @Enabler lmao u hit the nail on the head, this is what he needs, to fill his empty void, pray for him

    • @Nate Ermine weed today is reverse engineered to produce different types of highs, it’s not the natural plant, its loaded w/high concentrates of THC & sometimes laced w/other drugs so be careful, you may also be allergic to it

    • @Josh James holy cow, that’s so feggin sad, so sorry for your loss, may he Rest In Peace

    • @Mr Jim Flanagan after 3 years of smoking it and loving it I just some how got allergic to it lol. I don’t think so.

  10. Wtf after searching for years and years and diving deep into old occult knowledge this 15.20 min vid gave me exactly the information I felt it was missing. I can not thank you enough for it and also that as a none native english speaking man I could understand every single word. I subscribed and now I will check out everything what you have to say. Wholeness Bro and if you ever come to Cambodia be my guest.

    • Exactly what happened to me! Im from Venezuela, so… This is a message directly from HEAVEN for me. Thank yoi!…

    • Same here, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to come across this knowledge. I’m stunned. Very thankful to have found this 🙂

    • Occultism and new age spiritualism puts you at risk of eternal damnation.

  11. As soon as I was done watching this video I looked to see when my moon was aligned. And it is right now. I’m mind blown. Turned vegan not too long ago. Randomly stumbled onto this video. There’s been too many coincidences… someone/ something is telling me something. I intend to find out.

  12. God is love, GOD IS LOVE, everyone repeat that because that is God. If God dwells in you so do you dwell in God. There’s no separation of the 2. God resides in us all, there is only one God who is our Creator. God is not a religion nor is God a belief, God is infinite love, infinite wisdom & infinite light. We all have the same God, our Creator, because there is only one. When love dwells in you so does God because GOD IS LOVE. You don’t need to go look for God in a church, or in a religion or in a belief because you will not find God there. When God created you the 2 became 1 & that’s the only place you will find God, within yourself. If we all knew the true teachings of Christ as in the lost books of Thomas which the church removed from the Bible being taught today (which is 10% true, 90% man made up crap to keep you in spiritual bondage) you would read Jesus told the disciples “is it not written in your laws & have I not told you that you are Gods?”. That’s right, if we live in God & God lives in us then we are God & God is us. How? Because God is our consciousness & we are connected to God & all creation because God is infinite love, infinite light, & infinite wisdom. God is everything & everything is God. Don’t let phony people tell you God is a belief, or go to church & you will find God. God became a part of you & you became a part of God when you were created. God is infinite energy, a force that flows within us, we just did not have access to the teachings of Christ telling us how to be at one with God because those books were removed from what religion tries to tell you is “the true” word of God, today’s bible. Look into the lost gospels for yourself. This man is speaking on how to connect to God & if we all were one with God then we would have the power to change this world in months. I’m only learning myself because I’m having to sift through the religious crap that I was taught in church growing up. I want to be one with my Creator & so I am learning. God gave us great power, we have the ability to heal ourselves, but “religion” won’t tell you that. Religion serves man, not God. God does not seek to be worshipped, God is light. Light doesn’t ask you to worship it. Man wants to be worshipped. God is the energy that flows through all living things because you are energy. Judgemental people get on here perpetuating the lies religion has spread for centuries & it needs to stop. The native people did not need to be taught how to connect to God because it’s innate. Religious Christians slaughtered the natives because they did not believe the same as them so the natives who communed with God naturally & cared for the earth were killed because religious people always think their religion is the right religion. There’s no right or wrong religion because it’s a man-made concept to profit man. There’s only 1 God, our Creator, & he’s the same for each of us. People scorn & criticize what they do not know. That’s your religion…scorn, spiritual bondage, & condemnation. Jesus was not a Christian, he was a shaman. Half these people on here with their self-righteous attitudes would probably hang Jesus back on the cross because they couldn’t comprehend his teachings. Please look into the lost books of the Bible & if you’re going to teach someone about God then teach the truth & not keep perpetuating the lies of religion. Share what you learn, treat each other with compassion & stop the hypocritical nonsense. The kingdom of Heaven is all around you & we have full access to it if we are one with our Creator.

    • So true! I had an awakening in June. I began seeing energy etc but I felt like everything was perfect in the world and God was everywhere within and all around. I had psychic experiences too after that. It was amazing. I panicked after that for a while. Thought I was crazy. But I felt so connected to everything it was beautiful.

    • @Katelyn Ingle Do you believe Jesus Christ died for you sins Katelyn?

  13. When you realize God is within you & you are within God then you won’t need to say “I wish he’d hurry up & come back because I’m tired” because HE NEVER LEFT! Your Creator is right within you where he has been from the moment you were created! Didn’t he say he’d never leave you?? ❤️ let’s start a God is love movement & the phony bologna people can stay on their self-righteous high horses & wait for their version of God to arrive. My Creator never left, I’m just learning how to connect with him because religion fed me lies for 2 decades 😍

    • Very true. This was a central them of the Gnostics – that Christ did not come here to be worshiped but to show everyone that God is in you, and you need to make that connection. Therefore, Christ is a state of being that various ascended masters have attained and we should aspire to become one with.

    • Jesus answered,, “Truly, truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

      You have to born again and given the Holy Spirit.

  14. Ever wonder why Yeshu’a says “I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life. No one comes to the Father (Yahweh) but through me”? It’s because when your pineal gland is open you produce this sacred serum that is often called the “Christ within” and it is through the opening of your pineal gland & the subsequent production of this serum that your right brain takes control & you have a DIRECT CONNECTION TO YAHWEH. It’s more than just believing in Yeshu’a (Jesus). It’s also interesting that Yeshu’a says “I am” because Yahweh means “I Am” and we know Yeshu’a was Yahweh in the form of man. Blessings ❤️

  15. I am soo humbled and grateful to have come across you. I’ve been and to be honest still are wrestling with my awakening I guess only bc of the way I was raised. Struggling terribly with confusion but I am learning to be gentle and patient with myself and keep my faith that my Father God will lead me to true God fearing, genuine, honest followers if Him& HE is working. My biggest fear is false prophets. Would so appreciate your prayers. THANK YOU soo much for sharing your knowledge! God Bless You&Yours🙏

  16. Brother… I am honoured to have found my way to hear your message! Your message is TRUTH !!! It is profound but above all it is HONEST… thank you!

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