The Role Of Experience, Trial & Error, and Failure In Mastering Life

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Exposing yourself to massive experience and failure as a strategy for achieving success and mastering life.

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Warning: Spiritual work is inherently risky and dangerous if misapplied or misunderstood. teachings are not suitable for people with serious mental disorders such as: suicidal depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, ADHD, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or medical conditions. Leo's teachings assume you have a stable and well-ground mind and life. If your mind is ill or unstable, these teachings may lead to a deterioration of your condition and even suicide if misapplied. Self-help and spirituality are not substitutes for professional treatment for such conditions. If spiritual work is causing your life to unravel in unhealthy ways, discontinue the work until your mind has stabilized and you are safe. teachings are very advanced and can easily be misunderstood and misapplied. Nothing Leo teaches ever promotes physical self-harm. Any time Leo talks about “facing one’s death” he is NOT talking about suicide or physically harming your body, but rather ego-death and spiritual awakening. Never confuse these two things.

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  1. Cultivating awareness in the present moment as you expose yourself to these experiences is also huge. You can watch the resistance come up in your body without getting swept away with it

    • This is true; it’s not the best strategy to dive off the deep end if don’t have enough awareness/mindfulness to keep yourself above water.

      Drowning, in this case, isn’t necessarily failure, it’s simply falling into the same patterns as usual.

    • @0123four I agree, just experienced this in past few months. alternative strategy required

  2. It has a really eye-catching thumbnail and I get so excited when I see you I knew Leo video

  3. Feels like christmas came early from actualized lately🙌🙌

  4. However really good tips about taking courses in trying to better ourselves and not just waste of life away with watching TV playing video games you know social media it’s a really good tip

  5. I’ve been practicing this for about 10 yrs, this is an amazing tool for everyone.

  6. Although it may not be as fun for you to go over, I really appreciate these practical survival skills videos. Its easy to try and jump ahead to the higher level stuff but it will smack you down if you dont have the proper foundation. I recently realized that and this video hammered that in for me. Thanks for all the value you provide for everyone!

  7. Some advice I heard recently: Listen to the people who are where you want to be and who once were where you are now. Therefore, you have a solid chance that they know both the skill and they roughly know the path that you may need to get there.

    • Or even better don’t believe you need to be anymore then you are , you life is somebody else’s dream

  8. Being social as an introvert you can learn by experience also: go doing volunteerwork as a bartender: you hear other peoples experience and you become more holistic, because the less developed part increases….I see people as wheels, they have every corner of the wheel to take care for…Its society who demands one overdeveloped part of that wheel, but reality is we are still a wheel in this metaphoric statement…

  9. It us through trial and error that we actually develop ourselves and become better

  10. My dream is to travel the world and just sit places. Offer wisdom to those who seek. But mostly just be at peace. Taking in the scenery.

  11. I will be listening to this. I am at a one week retreat to recover from my mistakes.

  12. Practical tips for older folks (helps if you have no kids):

    1. You must own your own property, even if it’s a single wide mobile home. No rents, no mortgages. This will free a large portion of your time to work on skill sets that you value. You can reduce your dependence on wage slavery by freeing yourself from the tyranny of landlords and banks.

    2. Save money so you have a nest egg. Grind it out. You’re gonna have to be a good wage slave for a period of time. Accept it. Get your property. Save. Then you’ll have time – TIME – to create an amazing life.

    Of course, there’s nuances, but the older person needs to maximize his Time since so much has been squandered already.

  13. “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn.”
    -William Nicholson

    This episode:
    – Basic self-help
    – Will change how you live your life
    – 4 things: Cuatro
    ○ Experience
    ○ Experimentation
    ○ Trial and error
    ○ Failure

    Self-actualization = Personal Development (ignore spirituality for now) = Building a better life for ourselves
    – Figuring out what life is
    – Navigate it for survival and to thrive

    How to do it?
    – Listening to other people
    ○ Who to listen to?
    ○ Bootstrap your own understanding of life
    ○ E.g.: Getting sex and money
    § Takes years of trial and error
    § Lot of failure is involved
    § Counterintuitive

    Learning = Experience = Experimentation = Trial and Error = Failure

    – It is the key to life
    – You can be a master in areas where you have more experience than everyone else

    – In essence: Trial and error
    – Myth of science: The hypothesis-experimentation-peer review loop
    – Humans used to be apes. How did we figure out nature?
    ○ Trial and error
    ○ Even the idea of Science was not a possibility
    ○ The scientific method was developed through trial and error over millennia
    ○ E.g.: Observing the sunrise
    ○ Most scientific discoveries were accidents or a result of trial and error
    ○ This is also how “growing up” works
    § E.g.: Learning to walk
    ○ Brute force is needed at times
    ○ The Scientific method was retroactively established

    How to create a great life?
    – One needs massive experience
    – This can be deliberately done. This controls how quickly you learn
    – Most people are stuck in their comfort zone
    – Go beyond the center of gravity of culture:
    ○ Expose yourself of a wide gamut of radical experiences
    ○ E.g.:
    § New sexual experiences
    § Intimate Relationships
    § Friendships
    ○ Pick a style that suits your personality
    ○ Work on your strengths as well as weaknesses
    ○ Learning = Making Distinctions = Gaining more reference experience
    ○ The mind has to expand its simplistic worldview
    ○ Radical new experiences:
    § May pose cognitive dissonance
    § Challenges your worldview
    § The mind is too lazy. Occams razor + Limited experience
    – Create a long term plan to expose yourself to wider/deeper experiences
    – E.g.: Becoming a better musician
    – Passive + Active experience
    – Active experience:
    ○ We try to manipulate the situation
    ○ Can be hard and full of failures
    ○ Motivate yourself to stick to it
    ○ This is needed to master life in all areas
    – Most people do not consciously choose a few areas of life to master
    ○ Instead, they dabble around
    ○ E.g.: Earn money
    § Optimal: Add value
    § Many people earn it through stealing value
    § Most people are poor because they cannot produce something of value
    – You need higher skills in valuable domains
    ○ It is difficult and monotonous
    ○ Takes years to develop
    ○ Deliberate training
    ○ A support structure is needed
    ○ Courses/books/seminars + networking is needed
    – You need a vision and clarity + work on it every day of your life
    – Become dead serious about building skills in 2-3 areas of your life

    What area of life am I able to produce amazing creative results in?
    – Most of us do not have an area like that
    – Solution:
    ○ Become clear about what you want
    ○ Stop dabbling
    ○ Pick at least one thing, and master it
    ○ Life purpose
    ○ Build a skill that is rare that most people don’t even consider
    § E.g.: Leo explaining the nature of reality and metaphysics (skill of philosophy + articulating insights)
    ○ Use your resources/earnings to reinvest in yourself
    ○ Keep bootstrapping yourself to higher and higher levels
    ○ Most skills you need are easily accessible. No excuses
    – Conversely
    ○ It is possible to fall down a negative spiral
    ○ Learned helplessness
    ○ Ignorance = Lack of experience

    This is not just limited to a career
    – This is the key that will unlock all the areas of your life
    – Reality = Experiences
    – Be deliberate about it
    – Psychedelics/ Sprituality = Getting new experiences
    – Belief and ideology + Self-deception:
    ○ The biggest epistemic problem of all
    ○ Experience is the key to resolve this
    – Epistemology:
    ○ It is an abstract (meta) skill
    ○ Become deeply experienced with the trickeries of your mind
    – Passive listening is not enough
    ○ You need reference experiences
    ○ E.g.: Go on the Heros Journey, don’t just study it
    – Everything we know about the world only makes sense if we have relevant reference experiences
    ○ E.g.: Most of us have no reference of Absolute Love
    § God/Samadhi/Infinity are often misunderstood
    ○ Limitedness of our reference experiences = Limitedness of our reality
    – Look ahead 5-10 years into the future
    ○ What kind of investments do I want to make to get new reference experiences to be the person I need to be?
    ○ What person do I want to become?
    ○ What abstract skills do I need?

    – Goes hand in hand with experience

    – Goes hand it hand with it all
    – Passion + Perseverance is needed
    – Reframe failures
    – Keep pushing past it
    – Most people only think about results, not about experiences
    ○ Immerse yourself in gaining more experience
    ○ The results will be a byproduct of it
    ○ This is about the journey, not the destination
    ○ E.g.:
    § Intimate relationships
    – Your success cannot hinge on a single person or a single project
    ○ It is about attaining mastery

    – Persevering through the mundane process of building skills and practicing is key
    – This is why most people will not be successful
    – Building most skills is tedious
    – Many people waste their free time in getting stimulation
    ○ They keep going through the same cycle of day to day living

    Deconstruct your Psyche:
    – Mindfulness
    – A deep skill

    How much experience do you have with life?
    – Less experience =Victim mindset
    – Failure is your greatest friend
    ○ Learn to reframe every failure as a stepping stone to success
    ○ Keep practicing and improving
    ○ Analyze yourself

    You need to change:
    – The Ego cannot maintain its old self as more experiences are gained
    – Make a list of all the experiences you need to gain
    ○ Material experiences aren’t the most important

    – Read mastery by George Leonard
    – Commit to a domain. Choose one
    – Figure out what your core values are

  14. Remember this. Your life has meaning, your body is precious and every experience is a teacher. Love is the Guru 💕

  15. I’ve missed the normal self-help stuff. Although spirituality is also very important once you’ve set up your life.

  16. Jesus, Leo, is Poetry really so hard to bring in to the contemporary marketplace?

  17. Hey Leo, a great example of science discovering something by accident is when Albert Hofmann discovered LSD

  18. The Osho starring reference was amazing..
    That was also a trainned skill.

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