The Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounter is England’s Roswell

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The strange events of Rendlesham forest in December of 1980 have become well known throughout major UFO seeker communities. Less well known are the personal stories and official reports filed by the people who bore witness to the aerial lights on those strange nights. Linda Moulton Howe begins an extensive exposé concerning the strange events of RAF Bentwaters/ Woodbridge which includes her personal interviews with eyewitnesses, a hypnosis session with contactee John Burroughs, and an examination of official reports from those who were there.

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    • No it was clearly a weather balloon dropping flares around pockets of swamp gas near misidentified secret military craft

    • @Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM Swamp gas in the middle of Rendlesham forrest in deepest Suffolk? You clearly are not from the U.K or if you are you need a geography lesson😁

    • Most definitely correct! Unconfirmed report said that they actually removed some, but that is open to question.🤔

    • @Ann Eatonlet’s hope they are in North Korea, China, Russia and Israel as well then 😂

  1. Awsome job Linda !!! there is a lot more…like the pictures and videos from RAF Bentwaters Control Tower operators, the film and pictures from one of the three nights taken by another group….the pictures of the ” landing ” in the field… the films ( 6 ) where you see the objetcs shooting beams on the ground…. pictures of the holes made by theses beams that goes deep inside the bunkers.. and so on… as for the hyptnosis sessions… there is at least 10 from 10 different ppl including John…and for each person there is at least 3-4 hours of sessions on film…anyway its always the same…They put a 15-20 mins video on you-tube regarding a famous UFO case…but in those 20 mins we have like 2-3 mins of NEW parts of the story….it has been like that since years and years and years and its a big reason why we still dont have a clear proof of an alien presence on earth…..

  2. There was a 2 hour interview with one of the main witnesses who was there on YouTube and it got deleted…Hmmm no suprise there..Truth doesn’t last long here.
    The men in black showed up on this case to hush everyone.
    And they told him..”Sir they always been here.”

  3. The SAS came out saying they pranked the u.s soldiers a while back. It was a lie, but for what purpose???

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